Helping Hand Lately I’ve been noticing little times where the girls have helped each other without even being asked or prompted to help.

  • Example 1:  We have a toy storage system like this one (but with brown wood and pink baskets). We were cleaning up all the blocks and Bailey had both hands filled with blocks. She went to try to drop them in the correct basket, but realized that with her hands full she couldn’t actually access the basket (since it was tucked into the shelf). Without being asked, Brooke ran over and pulled out the basket so Bailey could drop in the toy blocks.
  • Example 2: The girls had been eating a snack at the table and drinking milk. Bailey accidentally spilled some of her milk so I gave her a paper towel to wipe it up. She wiped down her placemat and the table, but wanted to get up under the placemat. Again, seeing what Bailey wanted, Broke reached over and lifted the placemat so Bailey could easily wipe up underneath it.

I love how they’re so in tune with each other that they recognize when the other needs something without it even being said. Even better that they actually HELP, too!

Obsessed with Daddy…

  • “I want Dada!” (every single time I go to get them from their beds in morning and after naps. I try not to take it personally ; ))
  • Chris and I were putting the girls to bed one night. Generally we’ll each take one girl, rock her and put her down, tuck her in, then swap rooms so we can kiss the other toddler good night. This particular night both girls wanted dada (no surprise there) and were refusing to come to me. When Chris tried to give me Bailey she said, “NO! I WANT DADA! BROOKE, YOU WANT MOMMA!” I started cracking up at how funny it was that Bailey was trying to convince Brooke that she wanted to come to me, simply so Bailey could stay with Dada.

The Dog Ate My Homework…

Well the girls have learned the art of blaming things on the dog. It’s so funny because I’ve heard stories from friends with a toddler and an infant, and they talk about how the toddler will blame things on the baby (e.g., “the baby spilled my juice!”). So far the girls have never, ever falsely accused each other of anything. BUT, they sure have blamed a LOT on the dog! A broken toy? “Rocky ate it!” A lost shoe? “Rocky did it! A torn page in a  book? “Rocky ate it!” Poor old Rocky boy has become the girls’ whipping boy and is blamed for any and everything that they can think of. Sweet old Rocky boy (We call him “rocky boy” but he’s now 10 years old, so much more like a grumpy old man than a young pup running around destroying things).

Silly Girls…

The other day Brooke found a super long receipt and started dancing around, as if doing an interpretive ribbon dance. Bailey got so jealous that we had to find another receipt that she could dance around with. It was a good solid 5 minute distraction with them each dancing around the living room like they belonged in the Olympics! Singing Sisters… The girls have always liked songs and music and have been singing(-ish) for a long time now, but they’re just now finally staring to really get the words and sing along to their favorite songs. Their number one request is the Happy Birthday song (doesn’t matter that its no one’s birthday), followed by the A,B,C song. If you haven’t seen it yet, I posted a video of them singing the Happy Birthday song on Facebook, so check it out there. : )