The girls are SUCH little parrots lately! This actually isn’t a new development, but the first time I’m mentioning it here. It’s gotten to the point that we REALLY have to watch what we say! Here’s an example of something they picked up….

One weekend I was with the girls and telling them to do something (which they clearly didn’t want to do) and Brooke looked right at me and said, “Shut Up, Mommy!”

I was absolutely flabbergasted. What did my sweet, sweet Brooke just say to me???

I scolded her, “We don’t say those words!” but I heard them again and again over the weekend. Probably another 3-4 times total and all used in the correct context (telling me or sister to be quiet).

I conversed with Chris about it and, of course, we thought the culprit was preschool. They surely must have heard it from a classmate because we don’t use those words in OUR house, and we are positive the teachers haven’t used those words either. Regardless, we thought it warranted a conversation with the preschool lead teacher.

On Monday we let the teacher know this new development. She was just as shocked as I had been and assured me that she would be super attentive, listening for those words so she could correct them. She told me she had never heard any of the students use that phrase but said she’d let the other class’s teachers know as well, so everyone could make sure to promptly correct this problem.

Well it was probably only 2 or 3 days later, on a day when the girls were home with me.

Rocky (our dog) had been barking and scratching at the door, even though he had just been out and I knew he didn’t need to go to the bathroom. Surely he saw/smelled a cat and just wanted out so he could chase it around. Busy and frustrated with Rocky’s antics I yell at him, “Shut up, Rocky!!!”

And my little parrots copy me, “Shut up, Rocky!!!”

I was mortified!


They heard that phrase from me!!!

Carefully monitoring myself for the next couple of days I realized just how often I tell our poor dog to shut up. When I thought we never use those words I was thinking that we would NEVER say “shut up” to the kids or to each other. But to the dog??? Well, Rocky heard those words at least a few times each week!

So, yeah. Mother of the Year award over here.

And, moral of the story, we are now very careful about what we say (and to whom) because our little parrots sure do pick things up quick these days!!!


Bailey hugging Rocky. And Rocky….looking at me for some help! ; )