This year Halloween was pretty low-key.

One of my friends decided to get married on October 31st and set the date 6 months ago, so I knew it would be unlikely that I’d be able to take the girls trick-or-treating (they didn’t go last year, so this would have been their first year). As a result, I really didn’t feel like going all out with costumes or anything. I hadn’t planned anything at all and was starting to really worry/wonder about what I’d do for them. Then about a week before Halloween I stumbled across a box of old clothes from last year and, wouldn’t you know, their old Halloween costumes were in it.

I looked at the costumes, then at the girls. The costumes are basically shapeless bags. Even though they were size 18 months (and the girls are now 28 months old), I figured they’d still fit. I called the girls over and they tried them on and – voila! – fit like a champ! Even better, they actually know what a ladybug is this year, so they were so excited and ran around yelling “ladybug! ladybug! ladybug!!!!!!!”

IMG_4773We ended up going to a Fall Festival hosted by the Town of Marana (where we live) that had a costume contest and trick-or-treating the week before Halloween. So the girls dressed up for that and we had a ton of fun teaching them to trick-or-treat and just having a good time at the festival.


Ladybugs at the petting zoo


Enjoying their first s’more by the bonfire!

On actual Halloween Chris had to stay home with the girls (we tried to get a babysitter so he could go with me to the wedding, but everyone had Halloween plans). He didn’t take them out trick-of-treating, but he dressed them up and taught them to hand out candy. He sent me this photo of the girls in their costumes:


When I got home they’d already changed into PJs, but I got to see them hand out candy and it was adorable! They ran to the door, both grabbed a piece of candy to give to the trick-or-treater, said “here you go!” then smiled and waved “bye bye!!” They were really proud of themselves! Sweet little girls!

Hope your Halloween was a good one, too!

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