Because we had such a good time on our last Scottsdale weekend, we decided to do it again!

We revisited the Fairmont Scottsdale, this time with family visiting (my Mom and stepdad, my sister, bro-in-law, and nephew). Just like last time, I did a horrible job of getting pictures. I really need to be better with trying to capture these fun and precious moments! Here are the few (pitiful) pictures I have of the trip…


Bailey, all ready to go to Scottsdale!


One day the adult ladies (me, sister, and mom) went for pedicures. The little ladies (Brooke & Bailey) got a boys’ day! Dad and Grandpa took them fishing! The resort has several stocked ponds and they rent rods for catch & release only. They even supply everything needed (i.e., bait, reels, rods, etc). The girls LOVE fish and they were FASCINATED by seeing them be caught. All afternoon we heard “fishy, fishy, fishy!!!”

IMG_4662One night we dressed up and went for a fancy dinner at the Mexican restaurant on site. Afterward we walked around admiring the resort. They had 3 separate weddings going on, so we were able to enjoy all different types of music on our walk (from live bands to DJs), and even got to see fireworks (which the girls LOVE).

One thing I didn’t get a picture of was the girls admiring all the bunnies (or “hop hops”). The resort has rabbits galore! Like, seriously so many! They’d come out at dusk to eat and the girls loved chasing them around and yelling, “hop hop! hop hop! hop hop!” When the girls got upset that they’d chased all the bunnies away my Mom told them, “hop hops go night night.” Now the girls have associated this saying with their Mamaw (my mom), and whenever we talk to her on the phone or talk about her the girls always shout, “Hop hops go night night!!!”

Again – I’m really disappointed in the lack of photos! We did so many other fun things! Lots of swimming, playing with cousin Quentin, and being spoiled by Mamaw and Grandpa. I’m promising myself to do a better job of picture taking during the winter holidays. We plan to go back and visit at Christmas time and we MUST get photos!!