This post has no real unifying theme, so I’ll just do it bullet point style.

  • This weekend was a bit of a developmental milestone growth-spurt for our girls. In a span of less than 12 hours they learned how to crawl OUT of their cribs (they’d been crawling into their cribs for months, but never out), AND learned how to open doors! And so our worlds have been turned upside down! lol.
  • A funny thing I never thought I’d say (before having kids)…. “Do not take the banana peel to bed!!!” (said as Bailey tries to run to bed with an old banana peel for a banana she’d already eaten).
  • I’m cleaning the kitchen and telling the girls its nap time. I hear them run down the hall and a door slam shut so I assume they’ve gone into their room to climb into their cribs (they’re surprisingly good about going to bed for naps/bedtime). I go to their room and they’re not in there so I start looking around. I ended up finding them in MY bed up under the covers with heads on pillows all ready for naps. Too funny and sweet!