I have so much more to share and lots of pictures to give you guys! We had a fabulous trip from the girls’ Grandma (Chris’ Mom) and Nana (great-grandma), but I’m short on time so I wanted to drop in really quick to give a couple funny toddler-isms so I don’t forget them!

  • We were playing out in the back yard when I pointed out some birds sitting on the back fence. The girls got so excited yelling “Bird! Bird! Bird!” and pointing them out! They ran toward the birds and, of course, the birds didn’t care for that. The birds flew up to the roof of our house to perch. This made Brooke upset. She yelled up to the birds “GET DOWN!!!” and started pointing at the ground for emphasis. SOOOO funny (I wonder where they always hear the term “get down” from? har har har)
  • The girls have gotten into a habit of making a cozy corner in our living room. They drag all their soft things over there – some soft toddler chairs we have, blankets, stuffed animals, etc. Then they lay and cuddle. One time I found them and Bailey was covering Brooke up with a blanket, patting her back and saying, “night night!!”
  • And this is a variant of another story I’ve already told…..but recently the girls were playing peek-a-boo by hiding behind a curtain and popping out at each other. When Brooke hid behind the curtain Bailey waved and said, “Bye bye, Brooke!” (they’ve just started referring to each other by name instead of by the generic “sissy”)
  • Anytime that Rocky makes any noise (whining to go in/out, barking at the door, etc.), the girls will put their finger over their lips and shush him, “Shhhhh!!!!!!” They know whose in charge!!!

Such funny little toddlers!