One fail from this summer was when I tried to take the girls to the splash pad. They had loved it last year, but I guess they decided they’re afraid of it now, so they ended up standing around and watching all the other kids have fun.

IMG_3900 IMG_3903


They have continued to enjoy playing dress up and make-believe.




They had their fair share of meltdowns. One evening I tried to take them to a Masonic Installation in which Chris was being installed as the Senior Warden (a high office in the organization). The girls were okay throughout the ceremony until they saw their Dad being seated out on the floor. Then they lost it, yelling “DAD! DAD! DAD!” and trying to run out to be with him.

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On our long road trip to Utah (13 hour drive), we stopped at a random road-side petting zoo! It was so strange, as it was in the middle of nowhere! But we took the opportunity to get out and stretch our legs a bit and let the girls have some fun.


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It’s been a pretty good summer! I need to get better about taking pictures! We’ve been doing weekly play dates with our friends, we’ve gone swimming a good hand-full of times, and we’ve been doing story time at the library every week. Every day we try to get out and do at least 1 fun thing for the girls. It’s been a blast!