I think I’ll be making these an annual tradition. See the 1 year letter here.

Girls, I cannot believe another year has passed by! While the first year felt like a marathon, this year has felt like a sprint!

I can’t believe how big you’ve gotten and how fun you are to be around! I have loved watching you grow and seeing your personalities develop!

Everything has become so much more fun as you are able to do more things and have been developing more skills. We talk-talk-talk all day long now. In the past, it was more of me talking at you. Now, it’s me talking to you. And you can both respond! We have lots of little conversations throughout the day. You also have conversations with each other that are so fun to watch and witness!

I love how sweet you are with each other! Whenever one is sad, the other will come over and pat sister’s head or rub her back. Sometimes you’ll bring things you think will help soothe one another (e.g., a sippy cup, snack cup, or book). You don’t like seeing each other in distress and you actively try to make each other feel better.

You have also started understanding so much more!

A few weeks ago Bailey had a terrible cold and felt really crummy. During nap time the girls were asleep, but Bailey was awoken with a terrible coughing fit and started crying. I went into the room to retrieve her, but discovered Bailey’s coughing had also woken up Brooke – who sat up in her crib when I walked into the room. In the past, if I were to pick up one daughter during nap time and leave the other one alone, it would NOT work out. If one was up, the other got up – no matter the reason. I was a little concerned that Brooke would start screaming if I left her alone in the room for the rest of nap time, but I plucked coughing, sick Bailey from her bed and turned to Brooke. I told Brooke, “Go back to sleep. Bailey is sick, but you can still sleep longer.” And – just like I had instructed – Brooke laid down and went back to sleep. I was shocked! I don’t know how much she really understood, but I think this was the first time that she “got” that Bailey wasn’t receiving special treatment – she was just sick and needed to be taken from the room.

You girls are such a fun mix of sporty and girly! You love dressing up in high heels and necklaces, but you equally well love playing in the sandbox and rough-and-tumble play. One of your favorite games is to climb up onto Mom and Dad’s bed and have us knock you over with pillows. This is a game Dad discovered, but Mom plays it sometimes too. You stand up, bracing yourself for the pillow. When we knock you over you both laugh hysterically before standing back up to do it all over again. You also love being tickled and will often ask to play tickling games. When you climb onto my lap and shove your foot in my face, I know that means you want me to tickle your feet. There’s also one silly monster hand-puppet that I will often put on to tickle your tummies. Sometimes you’ll bring it to me and then run away – our game is for me to chase you down, then tickle you silly and you both love it!

You also love playing with balls – we may have little soccer players in another year or so. But in the off season you’ll surely be in the dance studio because you’ve already shown great passion for dancing! You love just about all types of music; everything from country to pop to Dad’s silly rap music! You’ll even dance to the songs in commercials on TV. All I have to do is say the word dance and (even in the absence of music), you’ll bust out some moves! It’s amazing how naturally it seems to come to you!

In addition to all the physical activities you like to participate in, you also love quiet cuddling time in the mornings and evening (some of Mom and Dad’s favorite time of day), and reading books just about any chance you get. You’re such imaginative little girls and enjoy learning about the world and playing make-believe. The developmental scientist in me appreciates the creative play and encourages it every chance I get (like when you pretend boxes are cars and pretend “drive” them around).

Most of your interests overlap, though there are certainly differences between you.

Bailey has more of an interest in helping Mom cook, reading books (about 25000 per day), and dancing.

Brooke has more of an interest in cuddling with Mom, petting dogs, and dressing up.

Both of you always want to do whatever sister is doing. You truly love and admire each other (and want everything to be 100% fair!) ; )

I love you girlies!