A couple silly stories to share….

I have often said the girls are each others’ best friend and worst enemy! They are protective of one another, but also fight…a lot!

I’ve been using time out whenever one hits the other or bites the other. The other day Brooke bit Bailey, so I took Brooke to her room and explained that she was going to time out for biting and that we don’t bite. I put her in her crib and went back into the living room to play with Bailey. But Bailey was so concerned about Brooke she kept pointing at their bedroom door and saying “Sis! Sis! Sis!” Finally she went to the door (which I guess was slightly ajar) and pushed the door open. She ran in like she was going to bust Brooke out of time out and, with Brooke in the crib and Bailey on the floor, they started laughing and “talking” and making a whole game of it. Silly babies!

And another quick story…

On the morning of their actual birthday, I went outside to water the plants. When I came back into the kitchen I found this:

IMG_3774 IMG_3780

Who, me???

One of them (probably Bailey) had climbed onto the counter, retrieved the giant Costco bag of chocolate chips, opened it up (it was sealed) and they started munching on them by the fistfuls. Happy Birthday, indeed! Hahaha! Little chocolate eaters!

I took the bag away and Bailey ran over to me and very matter-of-factly pointed at the bag and said “Me!” (like, “mine”…she doesn’t know possessive words yet). I laughed and said no. Then she tried the nice route, “please???” Too sweet!

I’ll have to start recording more silly conversations we have or funny things the girls do because – I swear – there are a LOT!