While the girls don’t officially turn two until Wednesday, we celebrated with a  few friends this past weekend.

We had a really low key get-together that was just perfect – I don’t think I’d have the energy for a really big party!! Raising toddlers is serious work! ; )

Decorations were minimal. I bought some crepe paper that I hung a couple places in the front entryway. We were planning to get helium balloons, but time got away from us.

IMG_3726 2

It’s hard to see, but the hall on the right has crepe paper, too.

The menu was simple. I made homemade pinto beans in a crock pot, a fresh fruit salad, had chips, guacamole, and salsa, and the main entree was inspired by Tucson’s famous Sonoran Dogs. We had a variety of meat options:  all beef franks (some wrapped in bacon, some not), turkey hot dogs, and a couple different kinds of chicken sausages (some spicy, some sweet). I also had a variety of topping options.

IMG_3759 2 IMG_3720 2

For drinks I did fruit-infused water (watermelon pineapple) and homemade sun sweet-tea with lemon. We also had a mini fridge outside with some sodas and adult beverages.

IMG_3721 2

I did the cake homemade-ish. I did strawberry cake from a mix, but did strawberry cream cheese icing from scratch. I attempted to do a cake a little outside my level of experience and it ended with a bit of a mishap….

I baked 3 tiers and let each cake cool completely (as you should). BUT, I didn’t realize that the “proper” way to assemble the cake is 1 tier at at time (i.e., slather some icing, then let sit in the fridge to “set up” before adding the next tier). Instead, I did all the icing and added all the tiers at once. Immediately I knew there was a problem. The cake was…leaning. Badly. And then, one side totally blew out.

IMG_3698 2



I threw it in the fridge to have the icing harden a little, and after a couple hours I took a scraper/spatula thingy and pushed the side of the cake back in. Then I re-iced that side to try to hide the damage. It wasn’t perfect, but it got the job done.

Next, I tried my hand at some lettering (writing Happy Birthday on the cake). It also didn’t turn out great. Pretty messy and it barely fit on the cake. But it was a good time and I have some funny memories to look back on (“hey, remember that time I totally botched your cake!?” heh). I also did separate cupcakes for the girls so they could have their own individual pieces with candles.

IMG_3749 2

Luckily, even with its less-than-perfect appearance, the cake still tasted great! : )

10502268_800798126605065_95820589_n cupcakes 10489002_800798506605027_918318699_n cupcake9

I guess I should back up a little and show the girls in their little party outfits. I got these super cute tutu dresses from (drumroll….) COSTCO! For $9! I love that place!

IMG_3746 2

The bows only lasted about the first 2 minutes of the party before they were ripped off. *sigh* Also, did I mention that Brooke was sick? Yes. For her party. Poor, sweet thing! Bailey had come down with a  cold last week on Wednesday. She was better by Friday and I was hoping that somehow Brooke just wouldn’t catch it. But, of course, Sunday morning Brooke woke up with a runny nose and a cough. By afternoon she had a full blown cold (the party was Sunday evening). She spent most of the party being cuddled by either me or Chris. We’re lucky that everything was pre-prepped and pretty easy to put together because otherwise it would’ve been tough to juggle hostessing, cooking food, and cuddling a sweet sick baby. : /

I wish I would’ve done a better job getting pictures of our guests and backyard set-up! We had 8 adults and 5 kids, so not a ton but a good amount for the size of our house/yard. We had our backyard set up with multiple kid play areas….we had a sand table on one side, a water table on the other side (I purposely separate these to prevent the “sand” and “water” from being mixed together and becoming MUD), and a trampoline.

10437236_800797939938417_658889420_n 10438772_800797929938418_1725513768_n

IMG_3758 2 10510113_800797979938413_1275650946_n 10482630_800798009938410_421173920_n10488929_800797949938416_914122633_nIMG_3763 2

We had so much fun (minus the whole sick-baby thing). And the girls have been so spoiled by loved ones, too! Grandma (Chris’ Mom) got the girls a play kitchen. They are OBSESSED!

IMG_3678 2

IMG_3742 2 IMG_3745 2

Mamaw (my mom) got them the trampoline for the yard


And my brother and sister-in-law got them some super-cute toddler-sized grocery carts to push around

IMG_3708 2 IMG_3705 2

Our gift to them was the water table.

IMG_3693 2

(It is a constant battle to keep them from playing IN the table)

Spoiled little girls want for nothing!

All-in-all, it was a great party! Fun, relaxing, and enjoyable. My perfect definition of a lazy summer Sunday evening.

On their actual birthday we’re planning to just hang out at home. We promised to buy balloons (they’re obsessed with balloons right now), but no other big plans. We’ll repeat the whole birthday shenanigans in about a week and a half. We’re going to be driving up to Utah to spend the 4th of July long weekend with my Dad and his side of the family.

I’ll be back before that, though, to give an update with the baby’s 2 year milestones and stats. Our official pediatrician’s appointment is on Thursday so I’ll be back soon!

Happy Birthday, girls!!!