My little girls are little sponges these days! It is both exciting and freightening! They’re starting to mimic things even after only seeing something a single time.

For instance, we went to a friends’ house the other day to go swimming. I had some pool toys that I blew up. The girls weren’t watching intently or anything, but they must have noticed because a couple hours later, after we were done swimming, Bailey grabbed the floaty toy and started trying to blow it up – putting her mouth in the correct place and everything!


They also repeat things like little parrots! Their annunciation still isn’t great (to be expected), but if you say something to them they’ll repeat it right back!

And their problem-solving skills have really shown improvement. They love learning to drink out of “regular” cups (i.e., plastic cups without lids). They still spill sometimes, so they only get water and generally just enough for a sip or two. But they’ve figured out that water comes out of the refrigerator door, so when they’re finished they’ll push their chair over to the fridge and try to reach up to get more water in their cups. Another example – the other day I had a bag of animal crackers (aka “cookies”) on top of the kitchen island. Bailey was determined to get some so she pushed her chair over, reached up, and snagged a handful. But, being such a sweet sister, she shared with Brooke before grabbing more for herself.


In addition to these developments, they are voracious readers. About 100 times a day they’ll bring a book to me yelling, “READ! PLEASE! READ!! READ! PLEAAAASE!!!” ¬†Related to “manners,” I’ve been working hard on “please” and “thank you.” They’ve figured out “please,” but I swear they must think the word means “NOW, RIGHT THIS SECOND!!!!” because they do not use it like, “Momma, can we please read this book?” Instead, they shout it at the top of their lungs as if they’re saying “PLLLLLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS HOLY, YOU BETTER READ ME THIS BOOK RIGHT NOW!!!!!” It’s still adorable, but slightly less endearing than if they were to use it properly. lol. “Thank you,” on the other hand, has been less successful. Brooke says it more than Bailey, but only when prompted (never spontaneously), and still only about 50% of the time. I’ll take it – they’re still learning.

They’re also starting to recognize more things around them. They know what an airplane is, for example, and if they see one in the sky they are excited to point it out to me (previously, they had been excited about the flying things in the sky but didn’t have a word for it yet). And, the other day, Chris was watching Duck Dynasty. Bailey was so excited and proud to be able to point out “DUCK!” on TV (as opposed to a stuffed animal or picture in a book). This was a bit alarming because it was the first time we realized they’re really paying attention to the TV now (just FYI – they haven’t ever watched TV or movies, and when we have it on they have always just ignored it, so this was a first). I guess my days of watching trash TV like 16 and Pregnant when the girls are around is now limited! : )

One other random story – we have an outdoor car thing (similar to this). The girls recently ripped the eye stickers off and were running around holding the stickers over their eyes yelling “Eye! Eye! Eye!” Again – very proud of themselves! Cute things!

That’s it for now. I wanted to pop in with a quick update. The girls will be 2 in a couple weeks and at that time I’ll do a full and proper update.