Wow, so it’s been awhile since I did an update, huh? I actually started a draft for “20 Month Update”…and somehow 2 months have flown by since then!

The girls are growing so much and are absolutely becoming more and more fun by the day! When people ask how old they are, we’ve dropped the “month” rating system and have switched over to saying “almost 2.”  Whoa, how did that happen???


Our schedule has standardized a bit.

6:00am:  Wake up, have milk

7:30am:  Have breakfast

10:30am:  snack/milk sippy

10:30-12:30(ish): nap

1:00pm:  lunch

3:00pm:  snack

5:30/6ish:  dinner

7:30pm:  milk

8:30:  bedtime



I hesitate to even say it (knock on wood!), but the girls have gotten a little better with overnight sleep recently. We’ve had so many sleep regressions and night-time wake-ups but over the last month or so things have gone a bit more smoothly. I’d love if they’d sleep a full 12 hours overnight (11-12 hours is pretty standard), but as long as they sleep through the night, I’ll take it! They also have one good daytime nap. It varies between 2-3ish hours (generally closer to 2 or 2.5)


They eat any and everything! This month I took them to Sprouts, pushing them in the stroller while I held a hand-held cart. To keep them occupied I gave them each an apple to hold onto while we were walking around the store. I didn’t even realize until we got to the checkout that they were EATING the apples!!! I was so shocked because in the past I’ve always peeled and cut apples into slices for them, so I had no idea they were even capable (or would want to) bite through the skin and eat the apple whole!

Unfortunately (and I know this is super late, so no judgey!!), transitioning from bottles to sippy cups has not gone well. They will take a couple sips of milk from a sippy but refuse to have a full cup (or even anywhere near it). I have tried everything:  I’ve heated it up in the cup, tried a variety of different cups,  I’ve flavored it with pureed strawberries and (when I got desparate) even resorted to using some chocolate syrup. NOTHING works. So we’re still doing bottles when they first wake up and just before bedtime. I added a morning snack and always offer the milk cup before nap, but try not to stress if they don’t drink it. I offer it again during afternoon snack, too.


We’ve done so many fun things in the past couple months! My mom came out to visit, Chris’ aunt and uncle came to visit, and my dad came to visit! In addition to our out-of-town visitors, we also had a great Easter weekend. We’ve also done other fun things like going to movies in the park (sorry, no pictures) and a trip to the zoo! We’ve been to the zoo a handful of times, but all the previous times were when the girls were much smaller (like, in carseat attachments in the stroller), so this was the first time since they’ve been walking around and able to really “see” the animals. We’ve just been having a blast!


Bailey was so excited!


Walking along with Dad!

IMG_2787 IMG_2731

One of their favorites was the giraffe (which they called a “dog”….we’re working on “giraffe” but its a tough word!)


Brooke was mesmerized!


They were more interested in riding the elephant statue than watching the real elephant. Surprising, because the “I like elephants” video (youtube) is one of their ALL TIME FAVORITE things in life!IMG_2741 IMG_2807

Their other favorite thing were the peacocks (which roamed freely around the entire zoo). I think Bailey wanted to capture one to bring home! See Bailey trying to make a break for it (below)? Haha!



I’ll suspend any baby statistics (weight, height) until their 2-year check up in a couple months.

I will say that I’m amazed with the words they’ve been picking up lately. It seems like every day they say something new. Their annunciation is still pretty terrible (typical for toddlers). Half the time, I find out that they have a new word because they point at an object and say the word. For example, they say “shoe” like “sue.” If they just babble “sue, sue, sue” I have no idea what they’re saying. But when they point at a shoe and yell “Sue!!” I’m like – “Oh, wow! They know how to say shoe!” Happens all the time. Blows my mind.

I know I’ve basically been saying it since the girls turned one, but things have just become night-and-day easier from when they were newborns! Don’t get me wrong, it’s still challenging raising twin toddlers, but it’s a whole different (and fun!) ball game now compared to a year ago. The older they get the more awesome it becomes! It also doesn’t hurt that I can now ask them to help me with simple tasks (e.g., “put this back”, “bring me that”, etc.). I don’t know why, but it makes a HUGE difference!

And, I don’t want this to come across wrong, but I just love them more and more each month. I mean, I’ve loved them their whole lives, but I swear it just intensifies across time. Don’t know if this is “normal” or what, but sometimes I just SQUEEZE the little things and wish I could freeze the moment in time. I know it won’t be too long until they’re “done” cuddling with Momma. In the meantime, I’ll take all the cuddles, squeezes, and love I can get!