I know I’m a week late but its better late than never, right?

We had a FABULOUS Easter weekend last weekend! Having kids really does make the holidays so much more magical and the weekend was even more fun than I could have imagined!

This was the girls’ second Easter, but last year Easter fell on the same weekend as my little sister’s wedding.


I can’t handle the cuteness of the teeny girls in their Easter dresses in bluebonnets! I die!

While that Easter was special because it was the girls’ first and we got to spend it with family, the girls were really too little to do much Easter stuff.


You can just SEE the excitement in their faces, lol.


In contrast, this year they were actually old enough to kind of “get” it. The girls know what rabbits are (they call them “hop hops”), and I’d been talking up how the Easter bunny rabbit is going to come to town. The girls get excited and start saying, “hop hop hop!!!” while doing a little hopping motion with their hands (Adorable! I can’t embed a video with the “free” version of wordpress or I would definitely share one of this!)

On Saturday, the town we live in has an Easter community event. They had a bunch of food trucks, a bounce house and blow-up slide, rock wall, DJ, and a ton of local vendors. They also had an Easter bunny and an actual Easter egg hunt (the latter two were the only ones we participated in).

I’ve always wanted to do the professional photos with Santa or the Easter Bunny (you know how they always have them at the mall), but so far we’ve never gotten around to it. So this was their first time meeting the Easter Bunny in-person.


Although Bailey (on the right) looks slightly terrified, I swear they were SOOO Excited! They just kept pointing, yelling “HOP HOP HOP!!!” while doing the hopping hand-motion.

Here are a couple other photos:


A view of part of the festival:  You can see the giant blow-up slide, vendors, and food trucks (the other side had the rock wall, DJ, and egg-hunts)

IMG_3047 IMG_3028  IMG_2983

Ready for the egg hunt!

IMG_2989 IMG_2994

Woo! We got a couple eggs!!

IMG_3008 IMG_3014

Brooke on left, Bailey on right

They had the egg hunts divided up by age. We were in the 0-3 year group, but none seemed to abide by the rules because several older kids ran out to “help” their younger siblings. As a result, we were lucky to get 2 eggs (and only because I picked up Brooke and ran her to the back so she could grab a couple eggs on her own before older kids came and took them). It shows them with more eggs in the picture because two of the eggs (the solid purple and solid blue) were given to us by a vendor; only the mixed color eggs were from the actual egg hunt. Regardless, the girls loved watching all the big kids and had such a fun time! I was pleasantly surprised that the eggs were filled with little trinkets (eraser, sticker) rather than candy. Nice move, community egg hunt! (Side note:  The girls totally eat candy, but I would like to try to minimize it and I really don’t want to automatically teach them to associate Easter with chocolate).

We ate a little BBQ and let the girls run around for awhile. The local fire station was there with their trucks so kids could check it out. We didn’t do the whole “truck tour”, but the girls did love yelling “TRUCK!” while pointing.

The next day we had been invited over to our friend Craig and Linda’s for their family Easter dinner. So sweet! I was shocked when we arrived and the girls had full Easter baskets (complete with healthy snacks, books, stuffed chicks, and a chocolate bunny for good measure 😉 )

They also got to have a fun little Easter egg hunt in the back yard where they weren’t competing bunch of other kids. It was SOOOOO fun to watch them find the eggs, run over, and snatch it up from its hiding spot.

IMG_3080 IMG_3081

Running around!

IMG_3084 IMG_3087

Bailey snatching a couple eggsIMG_3090 IMG_3095 IMG_3096

Linda helping Brooke find a tricky egg


IMG_3102 IMG_3108 IMG_3109 IMG_3110 IMG_3112 IMG_3113

I wish I would’ve gotten a picture of their cute baskets before they tore into them. Here are a couple pictures of the “tearing in” process.

IMG_3120 IMG_3122

And Brooke surrounded by her loot!


I’ll say it again – it was so much fun!

All-in-all we had a fabulous time! Chris has been working a TON, too, so it was really nice to get some time together as a family. Great weekend!