The girls are so silly! Sometimes they try to cram into the TOY BASKET together. No idea why!?


They have also started putting themselves to sleep! They let us know when they’re tired by just laying down on the floor on top of a blanket or pillow! Sweet things!


Apparently they wanted to wear their 4th of July dresses! They independently went into their room, grabbed their dresses, and put the sleeves over their heads so it looks like they’re “wearing” the dresses. They were so proud of themselves! Little independent thinkers!


Bailey managed to get stuck between the couch and loveseat.



Brooke, obsessed with mardi gras beads from her Nana, eating a lemon like its a normal snack.


Little spoiled girls rocking their Polo dresses and Nike shoes at the mall (ridiculous, I know!)

IMG_2609 IMG_2598 IMG_2588

IMG_2573 IMG_2571

Girls woke up from a nap on the wrong side of the crib! Cranky girls! Good thing Mamaw was there to help make them feel better!


Their first carnival!!!

IMG_2549 IMG_2537

They were OBSESSED with the dolphins and had to get Daddy to “win” them (aka:  have them purchased). The dolphins were larger than the girls and it was hilarious to watch them carry them around!

IMG_2533 IMG_2530

Riding the train at the carnival!


IMG_2525 IMG_2507

At the trampoline park the girls had a “ball” (har har har)

IMG_2508 IMG_2513


Introducing Bailey’s new trick….climbing INTO bed!

IMG_2476IMG_2478 IMG_2475