The girls’ obsession with bows continues…


They love wearing them and looking at them (on each other).

IMG_2424 IMG_2425

When did they get so big??? These pictures are down on UA campus during the Tucson Book Festival (which, as it turns out, is really geared toward older kids but was still fun because we got to meet up with our twin friends!!)

book fair1 book fair2

(this is as good as it gets when you’re dealing with 4 toddlers! lol)


Breakfast at Cracker Barrel!


We want to be like Mom!!! Working on the computer!


Who, me??? No, we weren’t up to anything naughty!


One day I had to go to school for something real quick and the girls came with me. This is outside my old building!

Turns out we love bows AND hats! The girls found one of Chris’ old hunting hats in the closet and fought over it all afternoon!

IMG_2465 IMG_2464

Brooke (left); Bailey (right)

IMG_2461 IMG_2460 IMG_2459 IMG_2458 IMG_2456

And…they love yogurt!!! Nom, nom, nom!!!


We also got a fun visit from one of Chris’ aunts and uncles, Aunt Becky and Uncle Bill . Sadly, I didn’t get any photos!? Aunt Becky shout-out – will you send me a photo or two ( Did you get any with you and the girls?? We really should have done a better job of documenting your visit! : /

My mom came to visit, too. I got some good pics from her trip but those will have to wait until next time.

Is it HOT anywhere else right now? In Tucson it truly feels as though summer is on the way!!