*pokes head in*


Sorry it’s been so long! Where has the time gone?

Can we jump right in with some pictures?


Brooke looking like a pretty girl!


Sweet girls in pretty dresses!


Sweet sisters! Bailey = left, Brooke = right

IMG_2182 IMG_2186

The girls love stuffed animals! Left = Bailey, Right = Brooke. The plush dogs (left picture) were sweet gifts from their great-Uncles (Chris’ uncles Tim & George). The monkey and dog (right picture) were gifts from their Mamaw.


The girls LOVE jumping on our bed. We’re going to take them to a trampoline park for the first time soon and I can’t wait! I think they’ll LOVE it!

IMG_2219 IMG_2222

Swinging at the park (left = Bailey, right = Brooke)

IMG_2230 IMG_2234

Bailey was fearless! She went down the biggest slide all by herself!

IMG_2235 IMG_2237


At a different park on another day, the girls discovered the baseball fields. They loved playing “peek-a-boo” through the chain link fence!


Coloring with a friend!


Blast from the past! Little 4-month olds here with Aunt Brittany!


Silly Brooke tries to sit in the play baby stroller!

IMG_2332 IMG_2334

The girls LOVE their little snack cups! Multigrain Cheerios for the win! (left = Bailey, right = Brooke)

IMG_2344 IMG_2345

One evening I heard the girls giggling while I was doing dishes. I looked into the living room and saw that both girls had climbed up onto the couch, laid down on a pillow, pulled a blanket over themselves, and were giggling with each other! So sweet!!!

Bailey has really taken an interest in cooking! Often, I’ll let her sit on a chair and watch while I cook. For St. Patrick’s Day I made green rice crispy treats (although they weren’t nearly green enough). Bailey watched while I was melting the marshmallows and had a lot of fun watching the stirring.

IMG_2349 IMG_2362 IMG_2365St. Patrick’s Day will hold a special place in my heart ever since last year. Last year, the girls were 9 months old and it felt like our first “real” holiday since the girls were born. Even though St. Pat’s is traditionally a “drinking” holiday, to me it will always feel like our first real “family” holiday!

I have so much more to share, but it will have to wait for another day.