Our family is awesome and often send us little “Valentines” packages with books for the girls, candy for the adults, etc.

This year, I wanted to return the favor and send some valentines of our own! (Plus – bonus – this was another fun thing to do with the girls, one of our 2014 goals!)

I started by checking out pinterest and finding an option that would include the girls and still be cute for the adult recipients.

I stripped the girls down to their diapers (they are MESSY!) and put them in their chairs with the trays on. I gave them each white sheets of paper and a couple squirts of finger paint – red and blue (we don’t have purple, but I helped mix the red & blue together so they had a red option and a purple option). Then, I let them go to town!

IMG_2065 IMG_2066

Bailey (left) and Brooke (right) – both shy and timid at first, unsure of what was going on.


Then we started getting more “into” it. (Bailey above)


And then things just got wild! (Brooke, above)

When their pages were good and sufficiently painted all over, I took them to let them dry and hosed the girls down (not really, but same idea lol)


During nap-time I got to work. I took their works of art and cut out a ton of little heart shapes.


Next, I cut out strips of green scrapbook paper and little vase-shaped scrapbook paper. Finally, I assembled everything onto a card like so:

IMG_2080 IMG_2081

I glued everything down onto half of the yellow cardstock. On the other half, I wrote a little Valentines message and signed our names (originally, I tried to get the girls to do little scribble marks as their “signatures,” but they weren’t having it!)

It was a fun activity for all of us! I’m not a very “crafty” person – but this kind of craft is a cinch (and thanks to Pinterest for the idea)! And the girls loved the painting and general mess-making! Fun for the whole family!

I hope you all have a great Valentine’s Day!


The Jordan Family