Did you do 2014 Resolution(s) this year?

I don’t really “do” resolutions. But I definitely do goals! Lots and lots of goals! And a fresh year is the perfect time to set (and/or re-evaluate) goals!

I took a workshop at one point that talked about all the goals we should have in our professional careers. I won’t go into the whole thing (it was a 90 minute long speech!), but I’ve applied many of the same concepts to my personal life, in addition to my professional life. The gist of it is that you need to set long term goals, and then break those goals down into smaller bits that work toward the big-picture. For example, you may have a 10 year goal, then a 5 year goal, a “current” year goal, monthly goals, weekly goals, and daily goals or objectives. Everything is supposed to lead to the big goal – which is what you really want for your life.

So I broke down some categories that I wanted to make some progress in, and I started by setting a 2014 year goal (what I wanted to accomplish in the year). That was my “big” goal. I’ve shared all the categories, and some of the goals below (some are personal/private, so I’ve deleted some of the goals, but these are all of my categories….

Goal: Career Health Family Travel Finances Hobbies Maintenance
2014 Year Goal Work on HDFS 414; teach 312w, work on writing twins book; continue doing meaningful research!  Course development for military. Apply for jobs in TX Get to Prepreg. Weight. Feel fit & strong. Strengthen my marriage; Do more fun things with girls; give them more undivided attention;  1 fun family outing per month Visit Utah, Washington, and Texas Pay off all credit card debt; build a bigger savings; stick to strict budget Scrapbook; read more; Run another half marathon in 2014; wordpress family site Use high quality face/eye cream & lotion daily; floss daily;  annual appts:  teeth cleaning, eye, obgyn; Get hair regularly maintained

Next, I broke up the “year” goal into monthly goals – simple things I could do to work toward the big goal – and I continued my chart throughout the entire year.

Some examples:

  • Hobbies – In January I printed up all the pictures from the entirety of 2011 and put them in order (yes – I’m 3 years behind in my scrapbooking….I used to be an AVID scrapbooker but got totally derailed by pregnancy/babies….but I’m DETERMINED to catch up because I truly cherish my scrapbooks and LOVE looking back on them!). This month (Feb), the goal is to scrapbook all of January-March 2011. I’m already half way there!
  • Maintenance – I have totally neglected my personal maintenance since the girls have been born (like….bad!). Part of it is my frugal ways – I just don’t want to shell out money for $$$ face creams, eye creams, and hair care. But it’s also important to me to feel good about myself and try to maintain my appearance. I don’t mean that in a vain way – I mean that I want to take better care of myself. I feel like I’ve aged in a serious way in the past couple years and yet I’m still so young! It’s important to me to “get it together” in this category! For my birthday I asked for the expensive face/eye creams and lotions (score! thanks, mom!) and I’ve been careful to apply sunscreen daily when I go outside.  Some of my monthly goals include looking for cheaper ways to get my personal maintenance taken care of. For example, we don’t have dental insurance but I can always find a Groupon for a cheap teeth cleaning (and Groupons for hair cut/color, too!). This way I’m meeting my maintenance goal AND my personal finance goal (saving money, sticking to a strict budget, etc.)
  • Family –  Last month our family outing was to take the girls down to 4th Ave to walk around and hang out. We had pizza on an outside patio and the girls got to see lots of crazies (4th Ave is…eclectic, lol). I also have a fun, cutesy gift planned for Chris every month this year. Nothing big or crazy, just something that shows I was thinking of him. In January I got his favorite 2 Liter of soda and made a little silly card that said, “I ‘soda’ think you’re perfect!” – super cheesy, I know! But its the little things that matter! This month I got a package of reeces pieces (one of his favorite candies), and made a note saying “I love you to ‘pieces’.” Gag if you will, but the gifts have been appreciated and they’ve cost a buck or two…can’t beat that!

So there you have it! I plan on writing another post soon with pictures of a little activity I did recently with the girls (another one of my “family” goals of doing more fun things with them). So check back soon!