I definitely owe everyone an update, along with some fun new pics of my girls!

We’ve been quite busy over here!

I’ve been working a lot, having lots of fun meet-ups for play dates and trips to the park, and other fun toddler activities thrown into the mix. Usually the girls are watched M/W/F so I have those full days to dedicate to work. For one reason or another (illness, holiday, travel, etc.), we’ve only had the girls watched 2 days a week for the past 3 weeks. It definitely makes work more challenging (read:  lots of late nights after the girls have gone to bed), but it’s also been so much fun, too! I’ve been applying for a lot of full time professor positions and even though I have no idea what the future holds (whether I’ll get a job or stay home another year), I just try to enjoy every moment with the kiddos, knowing they’re only young once and I may never get these long stretches of time home with them again.

If you’re catching up, our last update was when they were 17 months (read here)

19 months

The girls are learning more and more every day. It’s startling and scary at how much they pick up, even of things that we aren’t consciously trying to teach them! I’m also so grateful that they’ve been (mostly) healthy this cold/flu season (aside from the occasional ear infection). Last year at this time was a dark, dark period for all of us! (a little dramatic? yes. full of truth? yes!)

I will never forget about (and will probably tell the girls over and over when they are older) January of 2013. We were sick for basically the whole month. Chris had the flu, then I had the flu, then my Mom flew out to “save” us….and she got the flu, too!!! It’s shocking and nothing short of miraculous that the girls didn’t get the flu. We were living in a 900 square foot duplex with 1 bathroom and rampant illness, being forced to still tend to 2 six-month-olds round-the-clock (nope – not sleeping through the night yet!), while feeling like we were slowly dying. Seriously. I’d like to forget the whole thing, and yet it is permanently etched in my brain!

Flash forward a year – the month of January 2014 was a breeze in comparison! Yes, the girls still don’t sleep through the night (they switch off on whom is the “poor” sleeper, but 1 or the other usually get up at least 5 times a week), but our whole situation is a dream in comparison!

We live in a beautiful home (with a yard!!!), in a very family-friendly neighborhood. We live within walking distance to a walking/bicycling trail and I either take the girls on walks and/or jog alone at least 3-4 times per week. We live within walking distance to a little park (perfect for young kids! TWO bucket swings and a little play structure just their size!), and we have a standing weekly “friend date” with a great Mom friend and her son (shout out LaShuna!). Plus, we have lots of other outings thrown into the mix – walks with my friends from school, hitting up the play place in the local mall, walking down Tucson’s 4th Avenue (kind of like South Congress for you Austinites), etc etc etc.

So enough chit-chat, let’s get to the good stuff (BABY PICTURES!!)

19 months


Bailey (left) & Brooke (right) – on Superbowl Sunday! (side note:  Can I just say I had to enlarge this picture and study their faces to tell whom was whom???? They’re looking more & more alike as they grow, I swear!!)

Chris lived by Seattle for awhile when he was young and still has a lot of family there so we were celebrating the Seahawks massive win, for sure!


Brooke (front), Bailey (back) – the girls have become obsessed with bows!!! They bring them to me all the time asking me to put them on their heads! Even when they’re in PJs (or just diapers, lol)


little snuggly Daddy’s girls


Brooke hanging out with Uncle Logan. She is OBSESSED with books and will bring them to us all the time asking to be read to. Her favorites are the “peek-a-boo” books and any book with baby faces!


little Bailey pushing around her stroller (with a bunny in it!)

IMG_2037 IMG_2038

mischief-making! The linen closet has a child latch on it, but it must not have been fully closed and the girls discovered how fun it is to rip blankets off the shelves! I heard them giggling from the living room and when I found out what they were up to I couldn’t even be upset because they were having too much fun!

Likes & Dislikes

  • Like cuddling
  • Dislike being fed (they HAVE to feed themselves)
  • Like smoothies!
  • Dislike veggies (no worries – I sneak them into smoothies, mwhahaha!)
  • Like being the center of attention
  • Dislike sharing with sister
  • Like throwing the ball for Rocky in the backyard
  • Dislike having to come inside
  • Like playing in the bath
  • Dislike when its time (in the bath) to actually be washed
  • Like & Dislike brushing their teeth (Brooke likes it, Bailey hates it!)

Best Time:

Can’t narrow it down, so I’ll just say all the park trips we’ve had! So fun! (and bonus – whenever we’re not at home, that’s time spent NOT destroying our own house, lol – see mischief-making picture, above!)

Worst Time:

As the girls are getting more adventurous, they’re also getting more “boo boos” so the “worst time” is just all the “ouchies” they’ve gotten! They both currently have skinned elbows and a couple bruises each. None of their “ouchies” have been severe, so these are just the run-of-the-mill types of sores that come with this age (thank goodness – we’ve never had any serious injuries!!)

19 Month Baby Stats:

  • Weight: At their 18 month check-up last month Brooke was exactly 20 lbs and Bailey was 20 lbs. 6 oz.
  • Clothing Size:  18 month – 2T. They can wear 2T shirts, but the pants are generally too large around the waist. Still mostly in 18 month stuff though.
  • Diaper Size: In Size 4 now just because that’s what I’ve bought, but could still fit into 3 if we wanted (size 3 goes up to 23 lbs.). I may pick up another box of 3’s because the boxes cost the same price, but the smaller size always has more in them (meaning, the cost per diaper is less)
  • Sleep: Nap is the same – 1 per day from about 10:30/11am – 12:30 pm. On a good day they sleep until 1 or 1:30 (that happens about once a week…and ALWAYS on a day that Dad is home. What the heck?) At night they go down about 8:30 or 8:45 (getting to be late owls!), and wake up generally about 6:30 am. Doesn’t leave a lot of “grown up time” for Mom & Dad in the evenings!
  • Food: They have breakfast & milk when they wake up, milk before nap, lunch when they wake up,  a snack at 3pm, dinner at 5:30ish (or another snack if I’m trying to hold them over until later – like if we’re planning to go out to eat, for example), milk at 7:30pm
  • Favorite Foods: They’ve discovered a love of smoothies! I encourage it, since its a healthy snack, but we haven’t found a non-messy way to eat it yet! I’ve tried in sippy cups without lids (gets dumped everywhere) sippy cups with lids (gets clogged in the straw/spout), in a bowl with a spoon (gets everywhere), and in a re-usable food pouch (gets dumped everywhere). So…yeah. We’ve had several outfits get stained and ruined before I finally wised up and started taking their clothes off before “eating” smoothies. We still end up with a mess all over the kitchen though, so there’s that.

Whats New?

The girls are both getting more teeth now – which seems unbelievable! They have full mouths of teeth at this point and I can give them harder foods that they can bite into with their front teeth and chew with their molars. They still have a couple teeth to come through (both of them are missing their top and bottom lateral incisors, for example), but most of their teeth are in.

Relatedly, we had an issue with BITING this month! They had never bitten ever before, and on a single day we had 3 separate bite issues before 9am. I was freaking out – thinking this was going to be an ongoing thing – but it turned out to be an isolated incidence. Some mom friends have suggested it could be due to teething. I scolded the “biter” and put her in time out for a minute, showering the other baby with love and attention. Fingers crossed it doesn’t occur again!

And that’s really it! I feel like I’ve got so much more to say to catch up, but I’ll leave that for another post!


The Jordan Family