I haven’t done one of these posts in awhile, but they’re some of my favorite to look back on, and see how much has changed over time!

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And here was yesterday, January 11th, 2014.

A couple notes:  This was a Saturday but our activities were much more like a weekday. Chris was supposed to work all day (though he ended up being done mid-day), so we hadn’t made any fun plans or anything. This is definitely more “low-key” than most of our weekends!

1:00 AM – Go get a crying/fussy Brooke and bring her to our bed. The girls have not been great sleepers lately, and about 50% of the time, someone ends up waking up, crying, and being brought to sleep with us. I used to stay up and rock them until they’d go back to sleep, and lay them back in their crib, but now that they’re a bit bigger I just skip the whole staying-awake part and bring them to our bed. They quiet right down and fall immediately back to sleep so its a win-win in terms of sleep (in terms of sleep habits??? whole other story. shhh!!!!)

3:00 AM – Put Brooke back in her crib. The only down-side of bringing the girls to our bed is that I can never fall back into a deep sleep. It’s like a bandaid because we all get to go immediately back to sleep, but I’m tossing and turning the whole time, and often end up getting jabbed in the ribs, smacked in the face, etc. The babies are rough sleepers! So I’ll often move them back to their crib at some point. They sleep right through it so no-big-deal.

6:00 AM  – Girls wake up for the day. Chris is an early-riser so our arrangement is that he takes early mornings with the girls and I take over when he has to leave for work (or when I wake up, whichever comes first). Chris gets up, gets the girls, and gives them their morning milk.

6:45 AM  – Chris brings the girls to our room. He’s getting ready to leave for work so he sets the girls on the bed by me. They LOVE playing in our bed, so I lay there with them for a minute before getting up.

6:55 AM – The girls “help” me make coffee (they love watching the Keurig work) and breakfast.

IMG_1978They eat half a banana (each) and blueberry muffins I made.

7:30 AM  – We all get dressed and walk to the neighborhood park.

8: 00 – 9:15(ish) – We play at the park! The girls still love the swings and they’ve gotten much better with the slide, too! Now they can do it entirely on their own so I can just sit and watch. They run up the steps and over to the slide, plop down on their bums, slide down, and run back around again! So much energy!!

IMG_1980 IMG_1984

Brooke is in the blue pants, Bailey is in the purple pants.

IMG_1989 IMG_1990

Brave Brooke getting ready to slide (above), and a fun little succession of Bailey-sliding photos (below):

IMG_1992 IMG_1986 IMG_1985 IMG_1994 IMG_1995

We walked back to the house (I should specify – they’re in the stroller), about 9:15ish.

9:30 AM – The girls had a Cheerios snack and chased around the Roomba while I cleaned up a little

10:00 AM  – My cleaning was interrupted by a full-force Bailey meltdown. Her back, bottom molars are trying to break through and she seems to be in a lot of pain. I try all types of things to console her – a teething ring, singing, cuddling, etc. and finally resort to forcing her to take some tylenol (she HATES medicine)

IMG_1998 IMG_1999

See that hand-muncing?? Poor baby!

10:30 am – The girls get more milk and we have some quiet play time. We cuddle together and I read them books. Lately, they have been OBSESSED with books! Brooke, in particular, loves any book with pictures of babies and will ask me to read them over, and over, and over again! So we all sit together and read.

11:00 am – Baby nap time!!! While the babies nap, I do some work (I’m teaching an online course this semester and am prepping another one, so I work on that), do dishes, and straighten up.

1:00 pm – Chris gets home and, unbelievably, the girls are still sleeping! I peek in to check and make sure they’re alive! They’re usually up by 12:30 or 12:45. I let them keep sleeping and hang out with Chris.

1:45 pm – The girls finally wake up!!! This is a nap record!!! I heat up some lunch for them – leftover eggplant parmesan that I’d made for dinner a couple nights ago. The girls love eggplant, but the star of the meal is definitely the noodles!

2:15 pm – I need to go grocery shopping and take advantage of the fact that Dad got home early! He offers to stay home with the girls so I can make a rare trip alone!! Woohooo!!! Girls play with Dad at home!

3:15 pm – I get back home, put away groceries, and cut up some grapes for an afternoon snack for the girls. They LOVE fruit!

3:45 pm – Play outside! It’s a beautiful day and the girls are happy just running around the yard and playing with Rocky. At one point I throw them in our new red wagon for a fun spin around the yard while I’m watering plants.


(sorry so dark! this was the only shot where they were both looking at the camera!)


Brooke = blue, Bailey = purple

IMG_2011 IMG_2012

Rocky’s getting in on the fun, too!

4:30 pm –  We come back inside after playing, read a couple more books, and I start working on assembling dinner while the girls do independent play (playing with blocks, stuffed animals, and mess-making, lol)

5:45 pm –  Dinner is done and we all eat – black bean enchiladas for the girls (I made a variety:  black bean, chicken, and plain cheese – but the girls only ate one). We’ve just introduced forks (previously the girls had only used spoons), and they’re doing great!

IMG_2013 IMG_2017

6:30 pm –  Bath time! They LOVE playing in the bath so I usually take a magazine into the bathroom and sit there reading (and supervising!!) while they splash around.

7:00 pm – Out of the bath and into jammies!

7: 30 pm – Last milk of the day. After this we still play, but instead of run-around play, its more relaxed play. I blow bubbles for them (Bailey has learned to blow bubbles too, but Brooke just tried to eat the bubble wand), read more books, and hang out.

8:30 pm  – BED TIME! Even though the girls still wake up pretty frequently during the night, they almost NEVER wake up before about midnight or 1am, so I know they’ll be down for awhile. Chris and I finish watching a movie we had started earlier, and I head to bed about 9:45ish! It starts all over again in just a few hours! : )