I realize that we’re almost mid-way through January at this point. *sigh*

Why can’t time just slow down a little!??

At any rate, enjoy some of our December shenanigans!


Oh Tucson….after over four years here I’m finally starting to like you a bit more : )


Quick dinner one night at Firehouse Subs. LOVED that they have so many high chairs (a real concern with some restaurants) and were so child-friendly! The girls loved their firemen hats! Brooke with Chris, above.


Big smiley-faced Brooke (and creeper-Mom in the background, lol)


Taught the girls a fun new trick at dinner and Bailey is showing it off! Gotta do something to keep them entertained when the food is taking FOREVER to come out! This was on our drive back to Austin for Christmas, so the girls were already a bit…..over it. : )

IMG_1666 IMG_1670

Sweet Brooke! We’ve been teaching the girls their body parts and here I had asked Brooke, “where’s your nose?” She pointed right to it and was so pleased to be correct. I swear – these kids scare me with how fast they’re learning and how much they pick up!! Eeeek!!!

IMG_1680 IMG_1698

Christmas Eve. The girls LOVE the lit tree and this was the first time they showed real interest in presents, too! Brooke ran right over, knelt down, and started poking at a wrapped gift under the tree.

IMG_1713 IMG_1732

Girls with their Dad on Christmas morning! Brooke on the left, Bailey on the right.

IMG_1750 IMG_1780

Opening presents was fun! The girls could actually (semi-) do it themselves this year!!!

We went to the new Austin Aquarium while in town. I thought it was pretty weak compared to another aquarium we visited this past summer (when we went to Utah), but the girls still found plenty of things to look at.

IMG_1827 IMG_1833

Brooke (left) was a bit skiddish about the pirate man. Bailey (right, with Mamaw and Grandpa in the background), loved splashing in the open water tanks.


There was a little area for kids to go be “in” the water (you can kind of see by the cement wall that the aquarium was all around them.


We went to Chuck-E-Cheese the same day as the aquarium to celebrate the Quad’s birthday!!! (Yes, my brother and sister-in-law have quadruplets!!! And also 3 more kiddos, too!) Above, left, my Mom is holding Bailey and my newest niece, Audora, with Madelyn (one of the quads) standing by. Above, right, the girls are loving driving in a car in the game room!

Christmas cookie baking!!!

I can’t wait until the girls are a little bigger and can legitimately help me in the kitchen. They loved “helping” with the sprinkles, but aside from that their biggest help was as the designated taste-testers : )


Nom nom nom, COOKIES!!!!


The girls’ 18 month birthday was on Christmas Day!!! Thanks for the adorable outfits, Jen!!!! (you can’t really see, but they say “Santa Loves Me” and there’s and ADORABLE little red tutu, too!!! And thanks to Grandma for the soft and snuggly Build-A-Bear(s…there are 2, but only 1 pictured obviously).





Driving back from Austin to Tucson we stopped for the night in El Paso. That’s a whole other story (I won’t go into), but long-story-short, the place we had booked was a NIGHTMARE so we scrambled to find a room elsewhere and ended up at a lovely Marriott. While we waited for them to prepare our rooms we waited in the giant lobby and the girls tried their best to take as many ornaments off the tree in as little time as possible. They’re nimble little girls!

IMG_1959 IMG_1960

Went to R.E.I. to get a tube replaced in our jogging stroller and, while waiting, the girls decided they wanted some bicycles!!! (Only…their feet didn’t even hit the pedals! Not yet, little ladies!)


A couple random pics of Bailey to round things out (we had a few more of Brooke so I wanted to be even!) LOVE the big smiles and think its ADORABLE that she’s starting to try to wear Mom’s shoes! It’d be even cuter if they were heels (only…I NEVER wear heels anymore)….and maybe if she were facing the correct direction, lol.


For my birthday (Dec 31st), my sister sent me not 1, but TWO deliveries!!! A beautiful bouquet of flowers that were gorgeous and smelled incredible (and lasted so long!!! I finally threw them out yesterday so they lasted almost 2 weeks!) AND a fruit bouquet!!! Above, I’m digging right in with the “good” stuff – a chocolate dipped pineapple slice shaped like a cupcake! Nom Nom Nom!!!!!

Christmas PJs (ordered the same ones 2 years in a row…..tradition????)

2012 booties:



2013 booties:


I know its so cliche, but the holidays really are 100 times more fun when you have kids! All the ho-hum boring things of yester-year are suddenly full of new life! There’s so much joy and excitement in the kiddos that just seeps out to everyone in the room. I can only imagine that it will be even MORE fun next year!