Another family photo!


This was actually taken at a Christmas party and we didn’t know they would be doing little family photos. Had I known, I would have insisted that we all dress in coordinating colors/styles, but oh well. Still fun to get FREE professional-style photos done! Woohoo!

Brooke is in Chris’ lap and Bailey is in my lap. The girl REFUSED to smile! She’s a tough sell!

So Chris had his third spinal tap this week and we went to the neurologist to get results on Thursday. Even though his counts are still high, they’ve come down a long way. For reference, “normal” white blood cell count is 0-5. Chris’ number was 38. This is a huge improvement from his last spinal tap, where his # was 301! So, still high, but much better than it was! The doctor was encouraged and said we may not have to do the CT scan. We’ll meet with him again in January and decide on the next course of Chris’ treatment (or lack thereof).

The great news from that is that we get to go back to Texas for Christmas! We’ll be going for a relatively short period of time. Generally we go for a solid 2 weeks and stay from before Christmas until after New Years. This year we’ll only go for a single week, and return home before New Years. If you don’t know, my birthday (the big 3-0!!!) is on New Years Eve, so I had mixed feelings about not being able to spend my birthday with family, but at the same time, with everything that’s gone on in the past couple months, I’m glad just to be able to return at all. It’s also really important for Chris to be able to get back to work asap so we really can’t justify taking a long vacation right now.

There have also been a couple other big developments since my last post.

1) My little sister had her first child! Wooo!!! She was in labor for 18 hours (EIGHTEEN HOURS!!!) But she was blessed with a beautiful, healthy baby boy. I cannot wait to meet him. My brother and sister-in-law also had a baby (a girl) at the beginning of the month (their 7th!!), so I’m so so so excited to meet my new niece and nephew this week!

2) Chris’ youngest brother, Logan, has moved out to Tucson! He came at a wonderful time because he’s been able to help us so much! He’s helped me around the house, and picking up slack with things Chris hadn’t been able to do while he was sick. And now that Chris has started back to work, he’s been taking Logan to help him. It’s a great situation! He’s hoping to get his own place once he gets a sense of the Tucson landscape, but he’s staying with us in the meantime and being a great help!

And the girls will be 18 months old on Christmas Day! I can’t believe it! They’re growing so fast and learning something new everyday! We’re working on body parts right now (mouth, nose, eye, ear, etc.), and they can recognize some shapes, too. They love to color (sometimes even on paper! : ))and  have dance parties in the living room with Momma. It’s good times!

I’ll update again soon!


The Jordan Family