Chris’ attacks have now slowed. We’ve gone 3 full days without a single episode (*knock on wood*)

This isn’t the longest stretch he’s gone attack-free (he made it for almost 5 full days once before), so this does not mean he’s suddenly been cured….just that the symptoms have been dormant for a few days.

Regardless, we take it as a blessing! Thanksgiving Day was tough for Chris. He was writing around in agony with a migraine headache all day. But by Friday and Saturday he was doing….okay. We celebrated our Thanksgiving yesterday, but did a mini-version of the full blown deal. I still had the giant turkey (which I’d previously purchased), but went easy on myself with the sides. We had (frozen) rolls, stuffing (from a box) with cooked sausage stirred in, cranberry sauce (from a can – which I regret. Fresh is SO MUCH better!), and that’s it! I’d meant to do corn, too, but totally forgot. And we had consciously decided against mashed potatoes for no reason other than we felt we already had enough food for an army. I thoroughly enjoyed my belated Thanksgiving and the leftover sandwiches that I’d been salivating over on everyone’s facebook pictures from 2 days ago.

Plus (win!), I used leftover turkey to make a (semi-) homemade turkey pot pie (aka:  used frozen veggies, store-bought dough, and did the rest myself). Chris HATES chicken/turkey-pot pies (what’s wrong with him!?), but I’m hoping maybe I can have it with the girls sometime while he’s up in Phoenix at the Mayo Clinic. I didn’t actually bake it yet, so I’m planning to freeze it (it’s cooling now) and bake it next week (hopefully this works??? I’ve never tried this before with chicken-pot-pies).

Given the amount of time that Chris has had to take off work  coupled with the fact that he’s our family’s main “bread-winner” we’ve decided to be pretty low-key in the whole Black Friday/gift-buying department this year. And I can’t say that I miss it! It’s been glorious to just enjoy playing in the yard with the girls, going on frequent walks in the chilly air, and watching Christmas movies at home. I think maybe that’s a lesson I’m taking from this whole experience. Even prior to Chris’ health issues, I had felt myself start pulling away from mass consumerism. I’ve consciously tried to get rid of a lot of “stuff”  and to live a more minimalist/less cluttered lifestyle. If anything, this health crisis has only validated my prior thoughts that maybe less is more.

Speaking of Chris, I wanted to give a brief update. We don’t know much about what to expect from Mayo. We still don’t know what tests will be run, how long he’ll be there, etc. We do know that he will be meeting with an infectious disease neurologist on this coming Friday afternoon, 1pm. We had previously been told that we would be at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, but I guess this specialist works primarily out of the Phoenix clinic, so our appointment is actually at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix. It looks as though Chris will be treated as an outpatient, because they sent us a giant packet of information, which included brochures for area hotels. Our thought is to go up as a family on Friday afternoon and back to Tucson the same day (about a 2-2.5 hour drive each way). Then, assuming Chris has to go back on Monday, we may ask a friend to drive him back up and drop him off, having him get a hotel there. I would go, too, but I just don’t know how the babies will do staying in a hotel for an indefinite period of time. Not to mention our special needs (e.g., 2 cribs/pack & plays, a mini fridge for milk and microwave would all be “musts”). There doesn’t seem to be any “great” option available, so we’re trying to do the best with the very limited information we have. And all of these plans could change if we get more information suggesting something different. So – who knows?

I am grateful for the girls for teaching me so many valuable lessons this past year that I’ve had to rely on.

Like, (1) I can totally get by JUST FINE on 4-5 hours of sleep at night. Not saying its fun, but I’ll definitely survive.This has been useful many times during the girls’ sleep regressions this month as well as Chris’ many middle-of-the-night attacks.

And (2) Sometimes you just have to go with the flow. Prior to the babies’ arrival, I was a total Type-A planner. They made me chill out A LOT and realize that not everything can be planned. This experience has just reiterated this previous lesson.

Maybe most importantly (3) Be present in the moment. They are fleeting (the good and the bad, thank goodness), so cling to the good times and don’t waste them by burying your face in social media forever (exception:  during the “bad” times, getting lost in facebook has been the best way to kill a few hours at the hospital!)

I’ll update as we know more.

Also, I wanted to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to all the many kind, sweet gestures from friends and family members near and far! We have unexpectedly received cards, gifts, gift cards, and more from many sweet folks who have been thinking of us! We have gotten dinner brought to us, been invited to dinner at others’ homes, and had many offer to babysit for free while we go to appointments. I would be remiss if I did not say THANK YOU to each of you for keeping us in your daily thoughts and prayers. Many thanks!


The Jordan Family