Happy Thanksgiving to all!

It’s certainly a VERY different Thanksgiving than the one I had envisioned just a few weeks ago as I was buying our giant turkey (albeit a little prematurely, lol). The sales started at the beginning of November and I was all too excited to get my hands on a giant turkey and to stock up on stuffing, potatoes, canned pumpkin – all the “norms.” Little did I know what the coming weeks would hold…

At this point Chris is back home with us. In the last 2.5 weeks he has been in all 3 Tucson-area hospitals. He has had 5 trips to the ER, 1 trip to Urgent Care, 1 outpatient visit to the neurologist, and 6 days actually admitted to the hospital for in-patient care. That’s a lot of stuff to cram into 2.5 short weeks!

The hospitals have done every test they can do and are now deferring to the Mayo Clinic, having released Chris to wait at home until we can get in. They’ve given him some medicine (FINALLY!!!!) No one wanted to give him anything because they don’t know exactly what they’re treating, but we were able to convince them to give him some medicine to help alleviate some of the symptoms (not prevent them, mind you). And, fortunately, they seem to be working. Since he’s been home he has had another attack, but it has been much milder in comparison to previous attacks.

The Mayo Clinic scheduled us an appointment on December 6th to go see the neurologist. It was originally scheduled for later, but after some calls were made to a very kind doctor who works there, he was able to pull some strings and have his associate see us a little sooner. Instead of Monday the 9th, we’ll be able to go on Friday the 6th. LoL. Not a whole lot sooner, but we’ll take it – that’s 3 days sooner than otherwise!

Right now we don’t know many details about what his visit will entail. We’re being mailed an itinerary, so it sounds like it will be pretty intense/involved. We also have no idea if we will only be there 1 day, 3 days, a week, etc. Typically we drive back to Austin for the Christmas holiday so obviously all those plans are on hold as we try to get Chris some treatment and to figure out what the plans are with Mayo.

It breaks my heart as I hate to see the holiday spirit being ripped from Chris (and our family as a whole, too). I have a niece being born in Austin on December 2nd that I’ll miss. And my sister’s first child is due on December 17th. I had so wanted to be there that day, and its not looking likely at this point.

Not to mention how just a few weeks ago I wrote this whole post about how this is our first “real” year of holiday celebration as a family, since last year we were still in a daze with newborn twins. Sadly, this year is shaping up to be a bit of a blur, too.

But its not all doom & gloom. I’m cherishing our time together as a family. Chris’ health is still very up and down. Tuesday he spent the majority of the day writhing around in pain (the result of the migraine that always sets in after his attacks). But on Wednesday he was doing pretty well. His spirits were good, he played with his girls, and we’ve been spending some quality time together.

We don’t have big plans for today. With everything being so unpredictable I didn’t want to plan something big and end up having to cancel it last-minute. We’re watching the Macy’s parade this morning and going over to a neighbor/friends for an untraditional Thanskgiving meal mid-day (Turkey lasagna). I’m planning to save all my Thanksgiving food for the weekend sometime. It’s hard to plan ahead since we never know when the next attack will strike (he just had another last night : / )

I have a friend who is recovering from breast cancer that was discovered just over a year ago. It was obviously a devastating discovery for her and her young family. But her perspective has been so full of joy and happiness, so positive and uplifting. She wrote a post the other day that I really took to heart (see here). I think it’s appropriate to share an excerpt, particularly given that today is Thanksgiving Day.

“Treasure each day, be thankful for all that you have even in the challenging times because they will teach you important lessons you didn’t realize you needed to learn. And know that everyday you have just enough. Just enough love, just enough!”

So today we will take extra time to consciously be thankful for what we have (even in the challenging times), and to look for the lessons that we are to learn from this situation. I hope everyone else is counting their blessings, too.


The Jordan Family