Even amidst all of Chris’ attacks (and he just had another one yesterday….), life goes on. And the girls are now 17 months old! I cannot believe it! This month has flown by!

In case you’re catching up, here are some of our past updates (I guess I’ve fallen mostly into an every-other-month update mode):

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…which brings us to our 17 month update!

17 months old

Sometime since my last update, it seems like the girls have really turned a corner from “babyhood” into “toddlerhood.” Maybe its all the walking/running they do now. Maybe its their increasing abilities and communication abilities. But somehow I blinked and they went from tiny little defenseless globs of sweet-baby into walking (semi)talking “real people.” Each with very distinct personalities. And each very unafraid to let you know what she wants. : )

So What’s New?

Well for one thing – they’re FAST! Even though they’ve been walking for a couple months now, they’re so much more steady on their feet! I usually fold laundry in the living room while they play. I used to be able to go into their room, put their clothes in their drawers, and come back to the living room where they’ve been hanging out. Now I go into their room, put their clothes away, and BAM! They’re right there! I swear, they just chase after me and are so, so quick! It’s also pretty adorable! I’ve got 2 little shadows!

They’ve got more teeth! They must be making up for lost time! They didn’t get their first teeth until they were 13 months old, and over the last 4 months they’ve been springing in non-stop!!! Brooke, in particular, has teeth popping in left and right! She won’t let me examine them, but I think she has ALL of her top teeth now! Even the molars!!! (Which are called “two-year molars” because usually they don’t come in until babies are TWO!) For whatever reason, though, she only has two teeth on the bottom – the two in the middle. Bailey is still hanging steady with 4 teeth for now (maybe 5?) It’s hard to be sure, because they don’t want to let me examine their mouths so I have to catch them on a smile.

They’re fun!!! I swear, each stage is getting more and more fun! They “get” what we’re saying now! Even though their vocabulary is pretty limited in terms of what they are able to say, they are definitely understanding much more. The other day (one of the short periods when Chris was home between hospital visits), Brooke grabbed Chris’ sunglasses. He said, “Brooke, put those down!” and she walked right over to the table and put them back down. Craziness!

They’re tall! Speaking of Brooke grabbing Chris’ glasses – almost nothing is “off-limits” now! The girls can reach on top of most of our counters – the top of our TV stand, top of their dresser, the counter at the sink in the bathroom, etc etc etc. They’ve learned to step on their tippy toes and reach, reach, reach, until they grab whatever it is they want. Scary business! I’ve started being extra vigilant about cooking and such because they can definitely reach the front part of the stove so I’ve started cooking everything on the back burners.

Likes & Dislikes

The girls LOVE being outside! I am such a fan of playing outside, getting dirty, and being part of nature, so I LOVE that (1) we have a decent backyard and (2) the girls love playing in it! Things they like to do in the backyard:

  • Dig in the dirt (who needs a sandbox when you’ve got a sand walkway on the side of the house?)
  • Ride around on their baby tricycle
  • Ride around in their Minnie Mouse car
  • Throw the mulch out of the flower bed
  • Climb on lawn furniture
  • Run around/Chase the dog
  • Throw balls for Rocky

I swear, if they’re fussy or sad or anything we can just go outside and they perk right up! It’s getting pretty cold now, so good thing they’ve got little winter jackets!


the girls LOVE to hide toys in the front hood of their car and to retrieve them later!


Messy Bailey watching as Rocky demolishes a big bone!


Bailey playing in the rocks/sand at the park by our house


Brooke playing in the rocks/sand on the side of our house (and Rocky in the background loving life!)

IMG_1417 IMG_1430

girls running around the yard. LOVE the ruffle butts!!!

Other things the girls are liking right now….

The girls love meatloaf! Made it last week and the girls DEVOURED it! I wondered if maybe they were just extra hungry, but I gave it to them for lunch the next day and they devoured it again! Who knew they were such fans of meatloaf!?

The girls love playing with Dogs! Makes sense, especially since “DOG!” is one of their favorite words!

IMG_1330 IMG_1331

Bailey feeding Rocky some of her breadstick from dinner (they LOVE to feed the dog!)

IMG_1183 IMG_1184

Playing in Rocky’s dog crate (with him in it too!) Poor guy hates it (its his only “alone” space!), but he knows if he were to ever hurt the girls I would kill him. His only defense is to lick them mercilessly! That’s what he’s doing in the top two pictures – trying to lick them enough that they’ll get annoyed and get out of his crate. It’s not working (see Bailey laughing in the blue??)

Meanwhile, poor Rocky is giving me his best pathetic-dog “HELP ME” face in the picture below!


They love Grandma time! This month they got to hang out with Grandma (Chris’ Mom) and absolutely soaked up all the extra attention! I’ve also had a bit of babysitting help from some of our older Mason friends and the girls loved it! They know Grandmas and Grandpas when they see them! (Even if they’re not “our” Grandmas/Grandpas, lol)

The girls do not like Dad being gone! They definitely miss their Daddy and want him to hurry up and get better quick!

IMG_1340 IMG_1346

Missing their Daddy! I send Chris pictures and videos of the girls while he’s in the hospital every day. About every other day I’ve also been trying to make the girls cooperate with a little photo shoot with pictures for Dad. It’s tough getting them to hold still!


A picture from before the attacks hit. Don’t they look just alike!? This is little Bailey boo.


Chris’ first attack was on a Friday. The next day (Saturday), we had scheduled to go get family photos taken for Christmas. He was feeling terrible, but still got all dressed up and went with us down to the Sears Photo Studio (because we’re classy like that, lol) to do little family photos. This is a picture I snapped as he walked around with the girls while we were waiting for them to be ready for us.

Best Time: The girls’ laughs are the BEST THING EVER! It absolutely warms my heart! There have been a few times this month where they both go into all-out giggle fests!!! Sometimes I cause them (like by doing a tickle-war), and sometimes they’ll do it spontaneously, just laughing at each other. It’s seriously the cutest, sweetest thing ever!

Worst Time: We’ve had a bit of sleep regression again. It might be due to the teething, or an effect of our general life disruptions this past month, but Bailey in particular has been waking up almost every single night. We’ve created a terrible habit where I just get her and bring her to bed with me so we can go back to sleep. One battle at a time and right now we need sleep and I’ll deal with the bad “sleeping together” habit later.

17 Month Baby Stats:


Have I ever mentioned how much I ADORE little ears on baby’s hoods? SO cute! Left is Bailey, right is Brooke (in both pics). First they were on our couch, and the second picture is in our new jogging stroller before going on a walk.

  • Clothing Size:  18 month
  • Diaper Size: Transitioning from size 3 to size 4. I’ve been putting them in Size 3 during the day, but in Size 4 at night since the 4’s are bigger and they have to wear them for longer at night.
  • Sleep: We’re officially down to 1 nap per day, from 10:30/11am – 12:30pm. At night they always go to sleep at 8pm. If they sleep until 6:30 am we’re doing well. But like I said, Bailey has also been waking up overnight as well, so there’s no predicting how much sleep we’ll be getting. Just as an aside, I really love the one nap per day schedule! It was tough those couple months where they were napping twice per day for only 30-45 minutes each nap. Now that we have 1 nap per day it tends to be a solid 1.5-2 hours, which is great! I would like to try to get to where they sleep AFTER lunch time, but we aren’t there yet. Right now they have milk at 10:30 and go down immediately after. Then they eat solids for lunch whenever they wake up.
  • Food: They have breakfast & milk when they wake up, milk before nap, lunch when they wake up, milk at 3pm and a snack immediately after, dinner at 5:30ish (or another snack if I’m trying to hold them over until later – like if we’re planning to go out to eat, for example), milk at 7/7:30pm
  • Favorite Foods: Meatloaf!!!! Other favorites include bananas, yogurt, and “snacky” type food (e.g., cheese crackers, goldfish, animal crackers). In general, I would try to stay away from processed foods like these….but they’re just so convenient and portable and EASY! We need some “easy” in our lives! Oh, yikes….that reminds me of another favorite food…..french fries. Don’t Judge!!! We may or may not have eaten at fast food a couple times this month as we’ve been dealing with hospital issues. Fast, convenience food all the way! Throw me a bone! (And  I know how bad this crap is for developing babies to eat….but they also need to eat!)

So that’s it! I’m glad I’m able to provide some non-health related update! Don’t worry though – more updates on Chris’ health situation/mystery illness soon!

In the meantime, a few more pictures of the girls:


Brooke rubbing her eyes….ready for nap time!


Brooke in precious little warm leopard print jammies


Bailey just kicked back lounging, reading a book to herself


The girls have been INSISTING on feeding themselves. This lunch included grilled cheese with tomato soup…quite the mess! : )


Playing at a friends’ house. Bailey is trying to snuggle up with the Dog and Brooke is running around getting into trouble (pushing buttons all over the TV equipment!)


This is Brooke beaming her pretty, toothy smile. But to be fair, both babies have the same shirt so they’re BOTH “Daddy’s favorite girl” : )

Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!


The Jordan Family