Well…..a good news/bad news situation over here.

Chris had his second spinal tap yesterday and the results came back abnormal – he still has inflammation (indicative of infection).

However, every diagnostic test that has been run has come back normal, so we still have no diagnosis and nothing to treat.

So the doctor came in this morning and let us know that he’s going to be discharging Chris. They’ve done everything they can and they can’t find the problem, so they’re releasing him. He’ll be an outpatient for the next week or so, and will continue seeing the neurologist at his office. However, we won’t be home for long because ultimately Chris is being referred to the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale.

Apparently it takes a bit to get into the Mayo Clinic (insurance stuff, etc.), so Chris will be home in the meantime. I’m happy he’ll get to see the girls (who were not allowed at the hospital), and he’ll even be home for Thanksgiving! But then we’ll be headed up to Scottsdale for an undetermined period of time.

In terms of spirits, Chris is doing well. He repeatedly asked the doctor about working (he wants to work!), but his requests were denied. He’ll be hanging out at the house, taking it easy, and focusing on his physical health. At least he’ll be home where he’s more comfortable and our family can all be together.

Keep us in your thoughts!!


The Jordan Family