I wish I had more results to share, but as of right now we’re still waiting….

In the past couple of days Chris has had another MRI (a full spine MRI), another CT scan (this time of his chest instead of head), an EEG, and bloodwork galore.

I was there this morning to talk to the doctor and he said that so far all of the tests have come back negative for any specific infections/diseases. The spinal tap (from Sunday) had shown inflammation and infection in his meninges, so technically this is considered meningitis. However, its classified as “atypical” meningitis because its definitely not bacterial meningitis or viral meningitis….although there definitely is something wrong with the meninges.

Today they plan to run more tests to rule out (a) some weird cat-related disease (can’t remember the name, but its very rare), and (b) cancer.

Chris’ chest CT scan showed a spot in his lungs, although doctors don’t know what it is (it is NOT a mass or a tumor….it is an “unspecified spot.”) Same thing goes for his brain, where 3 “unspecified spots” were found. It does NOT look like multiple sclerosis, but no one is really sure what it is.

Meanwhile, Chris has not had another “episode” since being admitted to the hospital on Sunday. His only real lingering symptom is a mild headache (not the migraines he was suffering from a few days ago).

I asked the doctor whether Chris could have had something (a virus, maybe?) that has somehow cleared up on its own since he seems to be feeling so much better. The doctor said its very possible and, to check this, they actually want to do another spinal tap to check for changes. If they find no more inflammation (or even receding inflammation), its a sign that his body is recovering on its own. *fingers crossed*

If the spinal tap shows persisting (or worsened) inflammation and infection, the next step is to do a brain biopsy. The doctor assured us that this is the “last resort.” It would ONLY be done if none of the other tests find anything and the spinal tap shows continued infection. If the biopsy is done, he will be put under general anesthesia and will have a very small hole drilled through his skull so the doctors can extract some of his meninges for further examination. The doctor is planning to consult with a neurosurgeon regarding this possibility today and the (second) spinal tap will be scheduled for today or tomorrow. Chris really does not want another spinal tap (they hurt!!!), so he’s hoping to put it off for another day with the hopes that the blood tests turn something else up, so we’ll see.

Chris’ Mom flew in last night to help out. Today the babies are in daycare and Chris’ Mom is keeping him company at the hospital so I can try to get some work done. With everything going on, it has been extremely challenging to find time to work so I am very grateful to have some uninterrupted time today while both babies AND Chris are being cared for and looked after. Tomorrow we plan to switch off baby-watching and Chris-visiting duties and I should have another stretch of uninterrupted work time on Friday (while babies are in daycare and Monica is at the hospital with Chris). MY hope would be that Chris comes home on Friday after discovering the spinal tap shows no more signs of infection. But for now, we wait.


More pictures for #1 Dad! Brooke on left, Bailey on right.IMG_1249


It’s hard getting two babies to cooperate with these photos! : )

IMG_1274Sweet little Bailey


Playing copy-cat!