So, you know how in the post from yesterday I went on and on about finally having a diagnosis and how thankful we were that we could proceed with treatment, etc etc etc????

Um….yeah. Not so much.

I dropped the girls off at daycare today and went straight to the hospital a little after 8am. By about 9:15am the specialist came in to visit Chris. Long story short, he said he does NOT believe that Chris is suffering from meningitis. While we’re still waiting for the results from the spinal culture they started yesterday (which can take 24-48 hours to fully cultivate), the doctor explained that some of Chris’ symptoms are at odds with a meningitis diagnosis. For example, Chris’ symptoms are somewhat transient. Sometimes he feels basically “okay” (he’s always a little weak/tired, but otherwise fine), and sometimes he explains his symptoms as literally feeling as if he is dying (and he’ll be in bed all day, throwing up, etc.). I guess with meningitis most patients are very, very ill. period. There’s no coming & going with symptoms. They are sick. So the doctor is suspicious that something else is going on.

Infectious disease is coming today to assess, and Chris will remain in the hospital until we know what the official diagnosis is. At this point, we have no idea how long that will take. We also can’t start any “treatment” since we have no idea what needs to be “treated.”

So, yes. Back to square 1.

Thankfully, we have such an incredibly supportive family. Chris’ mom is already looking at flights to come out to visit and help. It’s been very difficult because children are not allowed (since he has some mystery infectious disease), so I can only go visit on MWF while the girls are at daycare. All day yesterday he was in the hospital alone. All day tomorrow – alone. So it will be very nice to have some additional support so we can switch off between watching babies and visiting Chris.

I’ve literally been texting about 15 different people non-stop with all the various updates. I am so grateful we have such good friends and family who all care so much about what’s going on. But as you can imagine, its very time consuming and difficult when we continue to struggle with even finding out what the problem is. So, I’ll update here when we know more.

Thanks for the support!