We got a fun new “rocking chair” type toy. Both babies love it, but I only found pictures of Miss Brooke riding away!

IMG_0375 IMG_0376  IMG_0372 IMG_0373

Best Friends!


Then…..back in Austin!!!

We stayed with my Mom (affectionately known as “Mamaw”). Mamaw had baby toys galore, but guess what the girls wanted to play with more than anything else??? Yup….an Amazon shipping box! Haha!


In addition to playing in boxes, we also spent some time playing at the mall! The girls had their very first (crazy expensive) train ride!!! $5/person for approximately 5 minutes. Does that seem like a bit much to anyone else or am I just being cheap? (We’re talking $20 for the 4 of us!!! For five minutes. Ridic!)

IMG_0509 IMG_0510 IMG_0513 IMG_0517  IMG_0520   IMG_0525

The Lakeline mall (Austin, TX) also has a big children’s play area! I love the Tucson mall play area but this one is even better! Plus, less crowded! Win!

IMG_0531 IMG_0544 IMG_0547

3 generations:  Babies, Mom, Mamaw – all wearing “matching” shirts! : )IMG_0556

While in Texas we also went to a pumpkin patch! This had to be the best pumpkin patch ever!! It was 100% FREE and had so many activities! LOTS and LOTS of those wood cut-out props for photos, beautiful fall flowers for photo ops, a huge pumpkin patch (also for photo ops), a petting zoo, corn maze, and more!!! We didn’t have a lot of time so we just skipped most of it and went for what the girls wanted – ANIMALS!!!


Look at the duckies!


Brooke really, really wanted to pet that pony!


And after indulging the girls in the animals, they were good sports about taking a few pictures. Seriously, there were about a million beautiful backdrops we could have chosen, but we knew we were tight on time and the girls wouldn’t stand for a million photos, so we just snapped a few:


Looking at the big kids running by (the girls are OBSESSED with “big kids”)



Girls refusing to take a cute photo with Mom


And my personal favorite October photo! The girls in the pumpkin patch!!!

I seriously can not get over how everything there was FREE! I would have bought the mini pumpkins, but since we don’t live in Austin and I didn’t want to fly pumpkins across the country, we literally left after having a great time and not spending a cent! Great family fun!!!

While in Austin we also hit up a local park and let the babies explore…while wearing adorably little ear-hoodie sweaters!!! Ahhh! I love how little children’s jackets all have ears on them! So cute!


They had a hard time walking on the uneven ground so Mamaw helped them out!

IMG_0743 IMG_0734

Still love swinging! Every time!

IMG_0761 IMG_0765

Also discovered a love of these two-seater dinosaur “rides” that sway back and forth.

My Nana has recently moved into an assisted living facility and we went to go visit her and see her new place! She absolutely LOVED having her great-grandbabies come for a visit and was so proud to walk them up and down the halls to show the girls off to all of her new friends!

First, we hung out in Nana’s room and she fed the girls some animal crackers! It was the girls’ first time to try them and they were BIG fans!

IMG_0778  IMG_0797IMG_0815

Selfie! Please ignore the crazy hair I had going on! : )


Making the rounds down the halls!

IMG_0830 IMG_0844

Showing girls the birds that the residents have as pets!IMG_0852

The babies LOVED checking themselves out in the mirror in Nana’s room!



Then after our trip Mamaw flew with me and the girls back to Arizona, where she continued spoiling the babies. She bought this toy as an early Christmas gift, since we likely wouldn’t have had room in our car to bring it back with us from Texas. The girls LOVE riding around in it and although its technically only a one-seater, the girls can both comfortably sit in it! I push them around the backyard and, if we’re feeling crazy, I’ll walk them down to the mailbox on the corner to get the mail. The girls LOVE riding in their very own car!! Beep beep!! Outta the way!! : )


That brings us to the end of the month! I’ve got more pictures from Halloween, but that will be for another post!