Welcome to our humble home! We moved in at the beginning of August, at which time I promised a virtual “tour.” Just now getting around to it! But come on in, sit right down, and make yourself at home! Mi casa es su casa!

When you first walk in the front door, you’re standing in a long hallway. Looking straight backward, you see the living room (and beyond that, into the dining area and door to the back yard).


To the immediate left is a door leading to the master bedroom.


Side note: I love having fresh flowers in the house and this is the PERFECT ledge for them! Usually we just buy them from the store, but we’re lucky to have many flowering plants in our yard, so I’ve also cut some sprigs straight from the yard, as well. Love the little “pop” of color!

Here’s a close-up of the master:  Dad playing with girls on the bed (a usual occurrence).


A look from further back:


On the far wall of the room are our dressers, and this picture peeks around into the bathroom (with double vanity!):


And down the end of the hallway, the shower


You can also see the doors to the walk-in closet on the left.

Then back up into the front entryway again. Look to the right.

Beyond the adorable little baby (hi Bailey!), you’ll see the long hallway back to the girls’ room. Immediately behind Bailey (just out of the picture)  is the door to our front room, which has been used as a guest room/office, as well as the door to our laundry room and garage. Down the hall there is also a  linen closet, a front hall closet, a second bathroom, and the girls’ room at the very end of the hall.


Guest room – view from the bedroom door. I love the little window nook where I have my desk – a great, sunny spot to get some work done!


Same room, but this time looking out toward the living room.


Second bathroom.



And at the end of the hallway is the girls’ room. There’s two cribs, one on either wall. There is also a small bookshelf filled with books and toys, and a dresser with a changing pad on top.

  IMG_0104  IMG_0106

I love our cribs (from Target) and bedding (from Babies R Us – it the CoCaLo Daniella line). Also, I made the decorations above their cribs out of hanging lanterns (that I bought originally for our 2010 wedding, which never got used), and finding some pretty colored ribbon in my craft stash. I was very pleased with the end result, and it seems like the girls are too because they love to say “Balls!” while being held up to hit the hanging lanterns. : )

Back out in our living room, here is the view from the corner of the living room looking toward the front door (to orient yourself, the master bedroom is to the right and the door straight ahead is to the guest bedroom/office)



I love the “open concept” living/kitchen/dining area. It makes the most out of our space (the house is only approx. 1500 square feet), and makes it feel much larger. Also, it allows me to cook/do dishes/etc while the girls play in the living room or in the dining area (we have made little play areas in both rooms). In the picture below you’re looking at how the kitchen bar sits adjacent to the couch in the living room. You can also see (behind the half-wall) the small table we have in our dining room.


This picture is looking from the dining room through to the living room. The huge wall of windows to the right is great because it lets in so much natural light and, again, makes everything feel more open and larger.


Backing up to the back sliding doors (off the dining area), I’ve taken the picture below looking into the kitchen area. There’s tons of counter space for working and some day I hope to decorate all above the cabinets with ivy or flowers or something pretty.


The kitchen pictures were taken on a day when we were having guests over, so there’s not usually huge spreads of food all over lol. I did want to snap this picture (below), though, to show my normal “work” area while I’m watching the girls in the living room. 



I used the nifty “panoramic” option on my camera to take the picture below. The dimensions are a little “off” but it shows you the view (if you’re sitting on the couch) from our front entryway through our living room, to the wall of windows, the couch, and back toward the dining room.



And if you were to step out the back door, here’s what you see in the backyard:

Babies playing on the porch!


We have a long patio, although only a small portion is covered.


Another angle, showing our grassy area:


And, last angle, showcasing our little flower garden (which is now dead….again. This is the 3rd garden we’ve planted since living here. Someone help us please! How do we keep children alive and manage to kill every plant we own?!?)



And that’s it! Thanks for stopping by! Come back anytime – we even have a guest room now! : )