Want to see the girls’ latest “naughty” trick?


They get into…..everything!!!

They’ve learned to climb! Aaaahhhhhhhh!!!!! I was grabbing something from their room really quickly one day and walked back into the living room to find THIS


Babies just having a grand-old time on the chair! NO, I had NOT left them on the chair. They were on the floor when I had left the room. They had climbed up into the chair and were laughing and jumping when I walked back in. It’s a nightmare!!!


Rocky has now lost any smidgen of personal space that he was desperately clinging to (poor thing!) His dog crate is like his “home” and he loves to nap in there. Imagine my surprise when I heard a baby’s voice coming from the bedroom so I went in to check and found BAILY with a sportsbra around her neck (what the heck??) and just cracking up hysterically in Rocky’s dog crate!

More climbing pics:


Me:  “Bailey, NOOOO!!!!”

Bailey:  “Who, me???”


On the other side of the couch is a half-wall. On the other side of the half wall is a small 2 person dining table and the dining room part of our kitchen. Here’s the view looking from the dining room over the wall toward the couch:


Oh, hey girls!


Bailey: “Hey, look at this cool pen I found that I’m going to use to scribble all over the wall! WOoooooo!!!!”

So how do they do it?

Well, usually they start by climbing up the chair like so:


Then, they make a leap from the chair over onto the couch:



See below for the same thing, different day:


Going right across from chair to couch, like its no big deal.DSCN2772  DSCN2770

It’s so much fun being a naughty baby! : )


In addition to the very fun and exciting couch climbing, Bailey has taken to putting things (any and everything) around her neck. When it was my sports bra (like the picture of Bailey in the dog crate), its no biggie. But I was absolutely horrified to find her with her Dad’s tie around her neck one morning:


So scary that she’s taken to putting things around her neck! Here it was cute because she wanted to be like Daddy, but honestly this habit is one of the most terrifying because I think of all the dangerous things she might try to wrap around her own neck *shudders*

So, yes – there you have it.

Life with toddlers is a lot of fun! Gone are the days of moving babies from place to place playing on the floor. Here are the days of non-stop chasing from room to room as they try to find the most dangerous places possible to play (the more danger = the more fun!)

They definitely keep us on our toes!