It’s definitely been increasingly difficult to keep up with my update posts as the girls have grown into toddlers and I have started working more. I shared our general schedule in our 13 month update, but things have changed quite a bit since then so I’ll share our new schedule with you.

Mon/Wed/Fri = The girls have been in daycare while I work.

Tues/Thurs/Sat/Sun = GIRL DAY! : )

Really though, things are pretty variable on the days that I’m home. In general we usually have the following plans:

1 day = home all day (go on walks, play in yard, etc.)

1 day = errand day (groceries, doctors’ appointment, bank, etc.)

1 day = play date with our friends

1 day = family day

Chris has been working 6 days a week basically forever so our 1 family day is hugely variable. Sometimes we’ll do fun things (like go to a park), and some days its spent running more errands. Generally, its a mix of both – a little bit of fun and a little bit of responsibility : )

DSCN2802 DSCN2801

Bailey helping Mom make pancakes one Saturday morning.

So What’s New?

Well, we’ve got some walkers on our hands!!! They have been very slow and cautious with walking. Brooke took the first steps on August 15th. Bailey’s came almost 2 full weeks later. But even after their first steps, neither of them really “took off” walking like we had expected. It took a good month before they would really try to walk for longer distances. The only time they would walk is when I would sit in front of them and cheer for them to walk to me. Otherwise, they preferred crawling (and are much faster crawlers than walkers, still). Finally during this past month they’ve gotten more reliable on their feet and although they’re still not super-steady, they’re walking more and more every day!

Oh, and did I ever mention that Bailey doesn’t have to wear the helmet anymore?? She was actually cleared over a month ago, but seeing as I haven’t been updating as much lately, it totally slipped my mind to mention it. But, yes….helmet free and a nice round head! : )

DSCN2754 DSCN2753

They’ve got more words! I have never been great with “baby speak” so for a long time I didn’t even realize that the girls were “talking.” I always thought they were just jabbering away. But one day Bailey pointed directly at a hanging Chinese lantern (shaped like a ball) hanging from above her bed and said, “ball.” It was the first time I realized that she was saying a real word because she doesn’t pronounce the “l” very well, so it almost sounds just like “ba.” After that, I really started working with them on words and was noticing more when they were saying words in “baby speak” (aka:  trying to speak correctly, but saying words in ways that other people probably wouldn’t recognize). The girls can now say:  mama, dada, no, dog, bye bye, & ball.

We’ve also started having some temper tantrums. There are 2 things that generally set them off:  (1) being frustrated when they don’t get something they want and/or aren’t able to communicate effectively, and (2) having to share Mom with sister. I’d expected the first (although I thought it wouldn’t hit until closer to 24 months), but the second caught me by surprise. I had no idea the amount of jealousy they would have! I’ll often try to sit on the floor and put one on one of my legs and the other girl on my other leg. I’ll jump them up and down, talk to them individually, give hugs, kisses, etc. I try to shower them with love, affection, and attention, and it is never enough. As long as sister is getting attention, too, they are not satisfied. It’s been difficult because there has been some hitting and pushing and they’re still too young for time out, but I try to explain that hitting is a “no no” and we need to be “sweet sisters.” I would like to also give them more individual attention. For example, take one to the store with me while the other is at home with Dad. That way each baby is getting 100% of the attention. With the amount Chris has been working its been difficult, but I hope to do this more in the future. I’d also like to eventually have fun little “Mommy-daughter” days with each of them individually. I feel like that will have to be way in the future (like when they’re 4 or 5), but I could do something special like take one out to lunch and frozen yogurt, or to get a pedicure, etc. Then the next weekend I could do something special with the other baby. We’ll see.

DSCN2710 DSCN2709

Here they’re fighting over Dad, but same thing… : )

Likes & Dislikes

The girls have been generally happy and sweet this past month. The only real “dislikes” are about sharing attention and being restrained from climbing. Otherwise, we’ve got lots of “likes” to report:

  • Playing with Rocky. They can now successfully throw the ball and get such a kick out of Rocky always successfully retrieving it for them. I love seeing this because Rocky was our original baby before the girls came along and he’s had to take a back seat in the family, for sure. So I really love that the girls are now able to interact with him doing one of his all-time favorite things (playing ball!)


  • Playing outside. I love that we now have a backyard with grass! It’s not a “big” yard, necessarily, but much bigger than our old house (and….did I mention grass!?!) Anytime they start getting cranky and I can’t snap them out of it, I’ll scoop them up and walk outside and it instantly calms them down. I think its just the change of scenery more than anything, but they also have a little toddler bike that they love to ride outside. Additionally, I’ve been taking them on morning walks and they seem to love looking around and seeing cars, people, trees, bushes, etc. I try to make it a learning opportunity and I”ll point out all of the daily objects to them (e.g., “Girls, this is a truck. It’s bigger than a car. See? That’s a car over there!”)



  • Walking Toys! Like I said, the girls still prefer crawling over walking since they’re so much faster with crawling. The only exception is walking with toys!!! They have  a little walking toy, but they use just about anything that’s mobile to push around the house:  their little baby table & chairs, various toys, etc.


Baby Stats:  15 months


  • Weight: just had a doctors’ appointment last week so these are the official stats:  Brooke = 17 lbs 10 oz (6th percentile);  Bailey = 18 lbs. 4 oz. (14th percentile)
  • Height: Brooke = 29 inches (8th percentile); Bailey = 29 inches
  • Head circumference:  Brooke = 47.5 inches (91st percentile); Bailey = 46.75 inches (79th percentile). I had mentioned in there 13 month update that the doctor was concerned with their head sizes, but she’s not anymore. I guess their head size is evening out so the concern has been alleviated.
  • Clothing Size: About 50-50 between 12 month & 18 month sizes
  • Shoe Size:  Size 3 or 4 (4 for tennis shoes, 3 for stretchier/soft shoes)
  • Diaper Size: Size 3
  • Sleep: Sleeping overnight lately from 8:00pm – 5:30 or 6 am. Their naps vary. Some days we have 1 long nap (3 hours), some days we have 2 mid-length naps (60-90 minutes), sometimes we have 1 longer nap (90 -120 minutes) AND 1 short nap (45-60 minutes). Instead of obsessing over it I just follow their cues and put them down when they act tired. Then when they wake up I get them up. Enough said!
  • Food: 3 meals of “solids” per day (breakfast, lunch, dinner), plus 1-2 snacks (morning and afternoon), plus 4 bottles of cows milk each day. The past couple months we’ve really been working on using utensils. I will serve them food in a bowl with a spoon (even if its not necessarily spoon-type food), and let them try to eat it. Lots of times they just end up eating with their fingers, but its good practice and they’re getting pretty good about using utensils.
  • Favorite Foods:  Here recently we’ve been boring! We had to go to the doctor because of a terrible diaper rash and she said its likely caused by something the girls have eaten. I could not figure out WHAT they ate that was bothering their tummies and bums so I basically cut out anything “fun” and have been giving them only bland, basic foods that they’ve been eating for months so I know its something they’re used to. Lots of toast, bananas, cheerios, pieces of string cheese or torn lunch meat for protein. No fun experimenting until I figure out what didn’t agree with them!!! (Poor things!)

Random “Photo Shoot” of the girls one day playing in their room:



Beautiful Brooke in yellow


Beaming Bailey in bright orange


Sweet sisters! (Check out the progression to see how they swap pacifiers still):

DSCN2788 DSCN2787 DSCN2786  DSCN2784

That’s it for now. But check back soon – I just got a new iphone (Yes- the brand new one that just came out! Yippeeee!!!), and I’ve been taking photos like crazy! It’s not as high quality as our actual camera, but its LEAPS and BOUNDS better than the camera on my old phone. And we all know that 99% of the photos I take end up being taken with my phone, so look forward to many photo dumps (hopefully with higher quality resolution than my old phone photos!) Yay!