I guess I didn’t really draw attention to it – but we moved up to Marana (a suburb of Tucson). It really does feel like we moved “out to the suburbs,” and I mean that in the best possible way. : ) It’s really perfect for us right now – we’re surrounded by other young families with babies and young children and the community is very family-oriented. When we lived in mid-town I had never, ever seen a single double-seater shopping cart (aside from at Costco). In Marana they regularly have double-seater carts at all of the Safeway grocery stores. Additionally, basically every store there is has one of the little car-carts (with the car on front of the shopping cart). This is how we discovered that the girls LOVE riding in their own little car. (Uh-oh, Dad!!! Gonna need to buy them a car!) : )

Frys Grocery Store

IMAG4422 IMAG4421

At Frys I couldn’t even get them to hold still long enough to take a good picture of both of them! Here is Bailey in the turquoise and Brooke in the darker blue shirt.


IMAG4363 IMAG4362 IMAG4361 IMAG4360 IMAG4359

Lowe’s has these race-car style carts. The girls are in heaven playing in them! In these pictures Brooke is wearing the giraffe and Bailey is in the I ❤ Mom shirt.


IMAG4297 IMAG4296


These pictures are a little older and I think I may have shared them before but, just-in-case, here they are again! : )


IMAG4417 IMAG4416  IMAG4414 IMAG4413 IMAG4412 IMAG4411   IMAG4408 IMAG4407

Okay, so this isn’t really the same as riding in cars that move, but this is in the play-area at our local mall. Recently the girls have discovered a love of climbing on toys and they immediately took to this ambulance (and also to the helicopter). Brooke is wearing the cheetah print and Bailey is in pink.

Things have become infinitely less difficult as I am now able to take the girls grocery shopping basically anywhere I need to go. In the past it was quite the ordeal! I will never forget when they were still tiny babies and I had to get groceries on my own one day. I took our double-stroller and put one in the front seat, strapped the other to me in a Baby Bjorn, then laid the back-seat in the stroller all the way down so I could fit a hand-held cart in it. I piled the cart until it was overflowing, and I started putting additional items in the underneath compartment under the stroller. Checking out was a total fiasco because I was pulling items out of the bottom, sides, and seat of the stroller to pay for them. Luckily the checker was kind and patient about it all. I am SOOOOO glad I don’t have to relive those days! Its much, much easier to let the girls ride in their little cars and still have a full basket where I can store items.

I love Marana! : )