In addition to our fancy-pants new back yard, we also have a little flower garden. The previous tenants had a mismash of random flowers and although I love the giant sunflowers, Chris and I both wanted to plant some new things and try to make the area look like it had some thought and intention behind it rather than a random smattering of flowers. So here are some pictures of the process. Chris got to work in the evening hours while I played with the girls in the grass – you’ll notice the sun was setting while he was working because in some of the later photos the sky starts getting dark, so the “after” photos were actually taken the following day when it was sunny again.

Here’s a look at what we were starting with:

IMAG4323 IMAG4324 IMAG4325 IMAG4326

A few sunflowers (which I loved, but were placed randomly throughout the flower bed), a couple other miscellaneous flowers, and a big empty pot along the back wall of the yard.

Babies (and dog) supervising:

IMAG4328 IMAG4329  IMAG4331 IMAG4332


Bailey trying to help with the new soil:

IMAG4335 IMAG4336 IMAG4337

Playing with Mom while Dad works:

IMAG4338 IMAG4339 IMAG4340

Dad hard at it:


He pulled many of the flowers (transplanted some and trashed some), added in new soil, new flowers/plants, and a layer of mulch over the top.

Here’s the after shot:

IMAG4347 IMAG4348

I was sad to get rid of some of the sunflower (we tried to transplant them but they died. Frowny face!), but I love the new flower bed. We added 2 white flowers, 2 pink flowers, a random purple flower, and a white flowering plant that’s supposed to grow pretty big.

I have a notorious brown thumb, so let’s hope I can keep these guys alive!