Shape-sorting fun!

We’ve had this little shape-sorting toy for a long time, but until recently the girls only liked banging the blocks together to make noise. Now, however, they’re actually learning to sort the shapes and I help them put them through the correct hole in the lid for the toy! They’re learning so much these days!

IMAG4283 IMAG4284 IMAG4285 IMAG4286  IMAG4288 IMAG4289


Grocery Shopping with Momma

Thank goodness for Safeway! Usually I don’t go to that grocery store because it tends to be a bit pricey compared to other grocers in our area. However, we have one directly down the street from us and I recently discovered that not only do their grocery carts have TWO seats (a big deal for a Mom-of-twins who is grocery shopping alone), but they also have some of the special kid-friendly carts with the little car on front!!! When I had to make a quick trip to the store to just grab a couple of essentials for dinner I had initially planned to put the girls in their stroller and simply hold a hand-held basket. But when we saw the car-cart, the girls instantly started lunging for them! I returned the stroller to our car and let the girls ride in the “big girl car.” They LOVED it! Absolutely had a blast and were squealing with delight the whole time we were at the grocery store!

IMAG4293  IMAG4296 IMAG4297


Cracker Barrel Fun

We’ve got a Cracker Barrel right down the street from our new house and although we don’t eat out often, we’ve somehow managed to go twice already since living here (once for breakfast and once for dinner). They’re very child friendly and the girls love looking around the old-timey country store. Here are some pictures from dinner first (sitting in the cool high chairs – they look like rocking chairs….but they don’t actually rock):

IMAG4349  IMAG4351 IMAG4352 IMAG4353


and here are some photos from after we had breakfast – we let the girls sit in the child-sized rocking chairs out on the front porch and they loved rocking!

IMAG4306 IMAG4305

Just for Fun Photos

Below – check out Brooke’s big smile! She’s such a happy baby! And we finally have some teeth, too! The first one didn’t sprout until after their 1-year birthday, and the 2nd tooth sprouted shortly therafter. Now they’ve both got the two bottom middle teeth. Precious things!



I’ve gotten into the habit lately of taking the girls for morning walks before the heat of the day sets in. I’ve been going to work on M/W/F, but on T/Th (and often on Sat/Sun, too), I’ve been putting the girls in the stroller and heading out doors by 7am. We’ve got a beautiful jogging trail walking distance from our house so we’ve been going on about 30-45 minute walk/jogs (depending on how the girls are behaving). It’s great for me to get out and have a little exercise and the girls love the scenery. The below picture was taken on our jogging trail. Can’t believe how green everything is up in Marana. Definitely not the same as our old neighborhood! Love it!



Guess what – babies love yogurt! : )

Remember me saying in my last post how the girls are refusing to let me feed them anything (they want to feed themselves)?? Well, yogurt is a tricky one because it’s not a finger food, but the girls LOVE it! I tried to feed them but after having them fuss and shriek at me a bit, I gave in and let them try for themselves. They may have gotten more on their faces than in their mouths, but they sure did have a good time doing it! ; )

IMAG4314 IMAG4316

Have I mentioned how superior our new house is compared to our old one? One of the perks is that we have a lot of pretty plants in our yard and most of them have flowers! We’ve got all different colors (purple, pink, red, yellow, orange), and they bloom at different times of year so its nice to have a continual supply of colorful plants. We have this one little ledge in our house that was looking sad and lonely. I thought some clippings from our plants outside placed in a vase complimented the purple of the babies’ newborn photo nicely.



Well, that’s all for now – I’ve gotta attend to a crying baby! More soon!