Okayyy…..so let’s not think about the fact that at the end of my last post (which was 3 weeks ago), I said I would be posting pictures “soon,” mmmmkay?

A brief update though – we moved! We’ve spent the past few weeks moving out to the ‘burbs of Tucson (actually we’re now in Marana city limit even though our address still says “Tucson.” I don’t understand it). And we LOVE it here! Our new place is so superior to our last place that it truly does not even compare. But we had a few hiccups with the move, including a nightmare with our internet – leaving us with no internet for 2 weeks (officially the longest in my entire adult life I’ve ever had no internet), so while I’ve had to go to coffee shops and libraries to do work, I haven’t taken the time to write a blog post. It is what it is.

So shall we do a little photo dump? We shall! (I’m talking to myself!) : )

I plan to do a “house tour” post at some point, but it will have to wait for the time being. Let me show you the munchkins!!!

Note: Our camera got lost in the move for awhile (no worries, it was recently recovered), so all of these photos are from my phone. Sorry the quality is so terrible – I really, really need a new phone (*hint hint*) ; )

Mess-Free Finger Paint

I don’t know where I originally came across this idea (Pinterest??) but somewhere I saw the idea of putting paint into ziplock bags and letting babies go crazy mixing the colors together. You’re probably  supposed to do it with finger paint or something, but I had some acrylic paint on hand, so that’s what we used. It’s not like they touched it, so it’s okay, right?? Anyway, here are some pics:

Step 1:  Get paints together and get a ziplock bag ready (I used quart-sized freezer bags so they were a bit more heavy-duty than regular sandwich bags)


Step 2:  Put paint(s) in bag. I tried to keep the colors separated. Letting the babies mix the colors together is where all the fun was!


Step 3:  Zip up securely and let babies play (with close supervision, obviously).






Finished product (sorry the picture is upside-down!)IMAG4202

I think this would be even more fun when kids get a little older and can be taught about mixing colors together. For example, squirt some yellow and blue paint in a bag and let the child mix it together to turn it green!

Making a Mess!

The girls are absolutely refuse to let anyone feed them solid foods anymore – they HAVE to do it on their own. This leads to lots (lots!) of messes. I just smile and let them play (and maybe cringe slightly on the inside). They’re only young once, right? Check out their messes


Excuse all the boxes – this is when we were packing for the move so boxes were all over the house.


Brooke sure did love that food! : )

More Messes

Does anyone have a solution for the dog bowl problem? You know….how babies run over to the dog bowl and splash in the water and eat the food? We are yet to find a permanent solution. Basically, we’ve been depriving our dog of food or water while the babies are awake by putting his bowls up on the counter (we give him food/water when they’re sleeping at nap time and overnight). It’s not a great solution, but I don’t know what else to do!? Suggestions???

These pictures are actually from when we went to visit a friend, so this isn’t our house. The girls were so obsessed with the dog bowls that I just gave up and let them play. We cleaned them out and I put their snacks straight in the dog bowl (so they are NOT eating dog food in the picture below….although I’d by lying if I said they’ve never gotten into the dog food). All that dog bacteria is good – builds the immune system. Right? ; )

IMAG4226 IMAG4227 IMAG4229

Playing in the Grass

Our new backyard actually has grass! Woohoo!!! Like I said, I plan to do a full house-tour post, but here’s a little peak of the girls getting accustomed to grass. They weren’t so sure at first, but they’re fans now!

IMAG4230  IMAG4232 IMAG4233 IMAG4235IMAG4234

Mini Scientists

Oil and water don’t mix! I made the girls some little water bottles to show them the concept and let them play, too! I added food coloring to help distinguish between the substances


Can I be honest here? Chris makes the best Fried Chicken in the world!!!! Soooo, the oil I used was actually used cooking oil. That’s why it’s yellowish (the top part of the water bottle in the first picture). The bottom part is water and the food coloring I used was red – but I had squirted a ton in the first so the second I did less (that’s why one is dark red and the other is almost pink-ish). For the future I’d probably use blue or purple food coloring – something more distinct. But I already had red on hand for some reason so that’s what I used.


There’s so much more I want to share, but I’ve run out of time so let’s stop here today and I promise (if my promise even means anything anymore, lol) to post more pictures soon!