At Triin’s house. Bailey found the giant water bowl (for her dogs) in about 3 seconds, flat. The entire rest of the time we were there we were trying to keep her from splashing in the bowl until we eventually gave up and just let her play.


Little pant-less baby running around! : )


Brooke is an absolute champ at sucking from pouches/straws now!IMAG4158

Awww, my happy girls!

One night we went out for a (RARE!) dinner out at a local mexican food place, Guadalajara Grill. They have mariachis that come around and play table-side and Brooke LOVED it!

This is Bailey’s preferred place to sit while she eats. Seriously! We had to convert their highchairs into a table and chairs so she’s closer to the ground (to try to minimize danger). She will NOT just sit in her chair! She’s either on the table or standing at the table all the time!


Sweet little girls LOVE their new play table (which used to be part of their highchair).IMAG4179

Daddy with 2 of his babies (because, yes, the dog still counts as our first-born baby) ; )


Girls playing at the play-area in the mall!IMAG4185IMAG4187

That’s it for now.

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Happy Monday! : )