This month has been really fun! It’s been a joy to be able to play with the girls and spend so much more time at home now that school is done! We’ve gotten into a little routine that’s helped to keep us from being bored. This month has also been great for me because it’s been their last month at daycare (they go on Tues/Thurs). It’s been FABULOUS to have an entire month where I don’t have any school responsibilities and still have the girls in daycare. I’ve been using Tuesday/Thursdays as my errand-running days and to handle any house-related responsibilities that are challenging with young ones (e.g., yard work, etc.). I’ve also snuck in a nap or two ; )

So here’s what most weeks look like:

Monday = Walk at the mall with LaShuna and her baby

Tuesday = Daycare

Wednesday = errands OR gym

Thursday = Daycare

Friday = home

Sat/Sun = variable

I’m still liking having 1-2 outings per day. The girls have been really fussy anytime they’re restrained (e.g., in a carseat, stroller, etc.), so I don’t like to try to tackle too many errands in a day. Mondays we’ve had a standing “date” to go walk at the mall with our friends. This started out as a way to sneak in some exercise for me and LaShuna, but now that our kids are getting bigger and not liking long stroller rides as much, the mall is convenient because we can take the kids to the little play area and let them have some fun. Tuesday/Thursdays are pretty “set” (in terms of the babies’ schedule – they have daycare. My activities on those days vary). On Wednesday we’ll either have an errand to run (usually a small/quick grocery trip), or we’ll go to the JCC so I can go to the gym for an hour. They have the best childcare in the WORLD! It’s a kind, middle-aged lady who absolutely adores children. I love that its the same person every time so we know her and she knows the girls. I also love that its an experienced Mom, not a high school kid. I also love the low cost! They only charge $4 for the first kid and $2 for the second kid per hour (so, $6/hr.). Since I couldn’t possibly workout for any longer than an hour, that amounts to only a $6 visit and the girls have an absolute blast playing with their friend and always come home worn out and ready for a good nap. Usually on Fridays we stay home, though sometimes there will be an errand and/or gym visit thrown into the mix. I also didn’t put it in our schedule (because the day fluctuates), but we’ve been going a lot to the pool at Triin’s parents’ house, too. The girls LOVE to swim and we’ve been visiting over there about once per week. Every weekend is different. Sometimes Chris is home, but sometimes he works, and there’s no “set” routine for weekends.

So, what’s new?

  • The girls’ vocabulary now includes the following words:  mama, dada, no, & mmmmmm (the noise you make when eating something really yummy).
  • They’re still not walking, though it feels like they’re right on the verge of figuring it out. We used to think that Bailey would walk first because she’s better with standing, but now I think Brooke will take the first steps! We got them a little walker toy for their birthday (this one) so they could practice walking. Bailey will NOT do it! She’ll stand there holding onto the handles but refuses to take a step (even though she walks just fine with us holding her hands). Brooke, however, will take off with it walking all around the house!DSCN2626 DSCN2628
  • Related to walking, the girls now both do “furniture surfing” (walking around holding onto furniture for balance).
  • We’ve finally got some teeth!! Can you believe these little things are 13 months old and just now getting their first teeth?! We joked that we’d have to buy them some baby dentures but looks like that’s not the case! They both have one tooth poking through their skin (the bottom front-right on both of them! Little identical girlies!) : )
  • The girls are starting to get little attitudes! Sometimes when they’re frustrated with something they’ll scream bloody-murder at the top of their lungs!!! It’s so challenging because there’s no way to get them to stop! There’s no “reasoning” with them, and trying to calm them down can be pretty difficult.
  • Relatedly, Brooke’s becoming quite the pistol! Sometimes I’ll hand her something (pacifier, sippy cup, etc.) and she’ll look me in the eye and throw whatever I’ve handed her down to the ground. It’s like she’s thinking, “Take that!” as she slams down whatever object she’s got.

Likes and Dislikes

  • Like:  The girls really like when each other are happy. Its one of the sweetest things! For example, I might be playing with Bailey – tossing her up in the air and catching her. She’ll be laughing, squealing, and having a great time. Brooke will crawl over and sit at our feet and just smile up, happy that Bailey is having fun, and vice verca. Even though the girls will sometimes “fight” (generally when one of them steals something from the other), its fun to see these moments when they’re happy simply because the other one is happy! Love my sweet sister-babies!
  • Like:  The girls are really liking exploration. It seems like there are so many things that I’ve shown and explained to them when they were younger that they didn’t really “get.” Now, they’re rediscovering these objects/toys and are having a blast exploring them all over again! Recently, Brooke was fascinated with the door knob on our front door. I had to hold her (since she obviously isn’t tall enough), but she would reach out, grab the door knob, and open/shut the door over and over again!
  • Like:  New foods that the girls have enjoyed are:  pizza, fresh juices (from a fancy-pants juicer that our friend owns), and chocolate. When I let Brooke try a taste of chocolate I swear she looked at me with these eyes that said, “Why’ve you been holding out on me?!?”
  • Like: The girls have been liking their extra mobility (they’re now speedy little crawlers), and they really want to walk! They love to practice walking by holding onto our hands!


  • Dislike:  The girls do not like staying home all day. It seems like we can only stay home for one day at a time. If we try to stay home for 2 days in a row the girls will get way too restless and end up being fussy cranky-pants. Maybe its related to the exploration and staying home is just too boring?? Either way, we’ve been having lots of little outings to keep them entertained and help them learn.
  • Dislike:  And the girls are still HATING being restrained in any way. They fuss and cry just about every time we strap them in the car seats (even for short drives), and they do the bloody-murder scream for diaper changes, too. Fun times! : )
  • Dislike:  This really only applies to Bailey, but she absolutely does NOT like sitting down! Our highchairs are the kind that disassemble to become a regular chair with a table (see here). Bailey would throw such a fit when she was sat in the highchair (again – she hates being “restrained”), so we changed the highchairs into 2 chairs and a table (the 2nd table is being used as a toy table). On the “pro” side, Bailey no longer has to be strapped into the chair so she really enjoys it. On the “con” side….now Bailey refuses to sit down when she eats. Half the time she stands at the table, the other half the time she’ll sit ON the table. Silly baby!



Baby Stats – 13 months

DSCN2655 DSCN2650

Not a lot of changes in their baby stats from last month (see 12 month update here).

  • Weight: (unofficial weight from our home scale), Brooke =  17.2 lbs. Bailey = 18.2 lbs.
  • Clothing Size: Mostly 12 month, with some 12-18 month outfits sprinkled into the mix.
  • Shoe Size:  Size 3
  • Diaper Size: Still in size 3
  • Sleep: Sleeping overnight lately from 8:00pm – 5:15ish am. Don’t know how to get them to sleep longer in the morning! We’ve tried keeping them up late (no dice) and have completely blacked out their window (no luck). Not sure why they’re such early risers lately!? In terms of naps, their morning nap has been super short (about 30 minutes, 9-9:30am), with a longer afternoon nap (about 1:30-3:30 pm).
  • Food: 3 meals of “solids” per day (breakfast, lunch, dinner), plus 1-2 snacks (morning and afternoon), plus 4 bottles of cows milk each day. The girls are SHOCKING me with the amount of solids that they’re putting down these days! They can drink an adult portion of smoothie, for example! Right now the girls are still drinking milk out of warmed bottles but our straw sippy cups that I ordered should be here tomorrow and I’m really hoping they do the trick. I’m telling you though – they’re pros at drinking out of straws, so I think that will be our saving grace to help transition from bottles to cups!
  • Favorite Foods:  The girls have eclectic taste. They love fruit (bananas, blueberries, and oranges are their favorites!), veggies (raw cucumber slices, cooked carrots & corn), and dairy (yogurt, cheese, smoothies with milk). They also love a couple of “junk” foods that they’ve recently tried (pizza & chocolate). We’ll try to keep those tastes to a minimum!

That’s it for this month’s update. More soon!

DSCN2670 DSCN2668