Don’t make fun of me for being an old grandma when it comes to technology, but……I just learned how to get pictures off my phone that were sent to me in texts. I know, I know – it sounds easy (even my Mom was trying to tell me how easy it was!), but I have an old MyTouch (not an Iphone) and it was really confusing and difficult to do! I asked a few people who each gave me bits and pieces of advice (though no one knew for sure), and then I did some googling and figured it out. I know, I need to get with the times! Lol!

So, enjoy some pictures from my phone from our recent trip to Utah that were inaccessible until now! : ) Thanks for texting these to me, Britt!

IMG_1222 IMG_1221

The girls were not used to grass at all (since Tucson has none!) The first couple of days we were in Utah they were downright terrified of it! If they touched it, they would start to cry and reach up to be held/saved from the green stuff! But by day 3, the girls were getting used to it and on this day, in particular, they were even starting to enjoy it. If you read the Utah Recap (linked above), these pictures are from the day we went to the park with our cousin and his wife.


The girls loved playing on the choo-choo train!


Brooke was all smiles in the car next to Aunt Bitney (aka:  Brittany)IMG_1098 IMG_1114_3

“You have a baby….in a bar!?” Haha, no! These pictures are from when we went up to Huntsville (prior to the great car-meltdown of 2013). We had just finished eating BBQ and were walking around the small town. We came across this bar that had a big tractor out front and thought it would be a fun photo-op. Bailey loved it! Check out that smile as she waves to us!
IMG_1121 IMG_1134

First time down a slide! They were fans!IMG_1136 IMG_1143

These girls always want to be standing! Bailey, left and Brooke, right.


Dad loves his little girl!


No, no girls – you go DOWN a slide, not UP it!IMG_1201

Bailey was loving life!

Brooke, too! ❤IMG_1204 IMG_1199Sleepy baby all worn out from all the fun we had!

I’ll be back soon with a full 13 month update, too! Trying to upload pics from my camera now so be on the lookout in the next day or 2 for another post! : )