So at our first birthday party in Utah, we got tons of great pictures of the girls eating icing off their cupcakes and playing with their cousins (see here or here), but they never really got a chance to eat the cake part, itself. Also, we never managed to get any pictures of me with the girls. I couldn’t stand for that since babies only have a 1st birthday one time (or in our case….twice), so we redid it at home for picture-purposes with just our little family.


Happy girls! They’re splitting a fancy-pants gourmet “birthday cake” cupcake (its vanilla cake with sprinkles)DSCN2425

Brooke (foreground) is taking her first taste. Bailey (background) already has a chunk of icing on her face!


Brooke looks at her sister and says, “hey – this is really good!!!” : )


Bailey ditches the icing (which I then threw away since its pure sugar anyway) and starts munching on her cupcake.

DSCN2441Mmmmmm!!!!!! Cupcakes are good!!!! Can we have 2 birthdays every year?!?


Apparently I never mentioned (I double-checked the blog archives), but 4th of July was special for us last year because it was the FIRST time since the girls were born that they were able to “see” each other. They were both still in the NICU at that point in isolettes that were housed in adjacent “pods.” Although they were technically very close to each other (in proximity), they had both been hooked to oxygen and were unable to go visit each other in their neighboring pod because of the need for constant oxygen. On 4th of July (10 days after they were born), Brooke came off oxygen and was able to be carried over to Bailey’s pod.

IMG_6772First full family photo, July 4, 2012

So I feel like 4th of July has a little extra meaning for us now, in addition to the meaning of the traditional American holiday. This year I was very excited for the girls to see sparklers, but they go to bed around 8-8:30…before its even dark. After some debate, we decided to just light up some sparklers after their last feed, but prior to their bedtime. So, you’ll notice that its still broad daylight outside. Luckily, it didn’t matter. The girls LOVED watching the sparklers and really wanted to hold them on their own (don’t worry – that didn’t happen!)


Nevermind shirtless Chris in the backgound on the phone. It’s HOT in Tucson so walking around shirtless is pretty much the norm for him when he’s at home : )


Bailey was fascinated by the sparklerDSCN2491 DSCN2492

Brooke loved the sparkler, too (also – Chris was just talking on the phone – I know he looks pissed but that’s just his general expression, lol)

Jordan girls – all in our stripes!!!DSCN2506Happy 4th of July!!! Can’t wait to take the girls to actual firework shows in the years to come! Hope you and yours had a great, happy, and healthy holiday, too!