I’ve been documenting some of the fun things we’ve been doing around Tucson with the girls this summer. Click on the links to see Part 1 and 2.

Oh, the joys of the water bowl…..

DSCN2226So, there’s a bit of a story to this picture. I bought a blow up pool for our backyard (which is really awesome!!!), and one day I took the girls out there to splash around in the morning before it got too hot. Wish I’d gotten pictures, but I’d left my camera inside and wasn’t going to leave the girls unattended to go get it. Anyway, when they were done I scooped up one baby under each arm and brought them inside. I stripped off their wet swimsuits and plopped them on the floor for a second so I could go grab fresh diapers and outfits. When I came back, I found both babies standing at Rocky’s dog bowl splashing in the water. I swear, they love that water bowl more than the blow up pool!!! I ran to grab my camera and when I came back, this is what I found…..Brooke had started trying to chase me down and Bailey, unperturbed, was still splashing away happily in Rocky’s dog bowl. Gotta love it!

Daddy Snuggles….

DSCN2210 DSCN2212 DSCN2213Sometimes a good cuddle is all they need!

More water bowl games….

DSCN2257 DSCN2258Can you tell this has been an ongoing problem in our household? : ) We’ve had to move the dog bowl from the living room in to our bedroom and, still, there have been problems!

Playing together….

IMAG4044 IMAG4045Love their big (toothless!) smiles! Still no teeth – can you believe it???

Being cool kids….

IMAG4076 IMAG4080 IMAG4085The sunglasses stay on approximately 50% of the time.

Checking out fish at the doctor’s office…

IMAG4092 IMAG4087 IMAG4088Fish are funny! Right, Brooke?


IMAG4121 IMAG4123 IMAG4128The girls continue their affinity for all things water! Here they are at a friends’ house to go swimming in the pool!

Homemade Water Table…

IMAG4134 IMAG4140considering how much they love water, our “homemade” water table (aka:  old infant bath tub filled with water out on the porch) held their attention for the least time – maybe 5 minutes max. Their favorite was simply trying to grab the water out of the hose while the bath was being filled up. Once the water was turned off, they splashed for a minute and lost interest.

So that’s it for now – a big photo dump. I know we’ve done tons of other things, too, that I guess I’m just not taking photos of. Our weekly walks at the mall, we’ve been back to the Children’s Museum again, and our backyard blow up pool (I still need a picture of them playing in it). I’ve been looking into other baby-friendly things to do during summer, too. It can definitely be difficult to find things that fit in a tight budget, are baby-friendly, and are in air-conditioned facilities. I’m on the hunt for some good stuff and hopefully we’ll have a “Fun Times In Tucson Part 4” soon! : )