You girls are absolutely the best things to happen to me in a long, long time. You are beautiful, smart, funny, and even at only one year old, you are each independent little thinkers (makes the scientist in me so proud!). I love watching you learn about new things, have new experiences, and light up with love when you see your father or I first thing in the morning.


I’ve wanted to write you this letter for a long time. The baby book we have suggested writing it just a few months after birth, and yet I knew I should wait until the first year was over.

We had an unusual first couple of months. Your home for the first month of your life was in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit. You were taken from my womb far too early. And when we first brought you home there were many struggles for your father and I:  sleep deprivation, breastfeeding issues, car problems, work issues, etc. In the thick of everything, a letter at that time would not have been as meaningful.

It was only through traversing the various hardships of the first year of life together and coming out the other side that we can look back and appreciate every single day – difficulties and all.


Having you has changed our lives so much for the better. There was once a time your father and I could hardly stay home for two nights in a row. Now, staying home is certainly the norm and anytime we venture out in the evenings it must be for something special. : )

Instead of nighttime adventures, we’ve focused most of our adventures during daytime hours. I love taking you to the park to see the ducks, or to the playground to be pushed in the swings. You love going on walks and despite Tucson’s heat, we’ve been finding ways to keep the walking-tradition going strong.


Sometimes I’m shocked by how similar you girls are to each other. I swear you have some type of special twin-connection. When you cry – you both do it simultaneously, as if by design. When you poop – same thing (very fun for momma!) ; )

And even with all of your similarities, you have so many differences that sometimes its hard to believe that you are “identical” twins! Bailey – you are so outgoing and full-of-energy! Brooke – you are so cuddly and super-sweet! Such unique little girls with big personalities that have emerged so early. Above all, you both seem to love each other. Its adorable when one of you cries and the other will try to assess the situation and make sure everything is alright. Sometimes you’ll try to hang over the side of your highchairs toward each other and will literally reach out, clutching to each other for love and companionship. You think each other are hilarious! There are many times when one of you will be sitting on the floor and the other will start “performing” – either dancing or shaking your head around. You’ll both start cracking up until the “show” starts all over again. I love the strength of your friendship from such an early age!

DSCN2391We’re certainly going to have our hands full in the months to come. You’re both such curious little explorers and love to get into everything (ESPECIALLY Rocky’s water bowl)

DSCN2224I can’t wait for all the adventures to come that we’re sure to have. You two are my little partners in crime and my permanent side-kicks for the time being. I’m so blessed to have such sweet little ladies in my life. For that, I’ll always be thankful.

Love you girls!!!