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And boy do they get messy! LOL!

This is pretty much what they look like after every single meal! : ) They love self-feeding, but they clearly haven’t mastered the coordination needed to not get food all over their faces! Its all fun and games until Mean-Mommy comes and wipes them down (because they hate having their faces wiped!).

Right now they’re probably on about a 60/40 split:  self-feeding little bites of table-food vs. being spoon-fed baby food

Playing with shapes

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and eating them….obviously.

I love these old wooden-style toys. All the hard, shiny plastic these days in the kids’ toys bothers me. These toys were gifted as hand-me-downs from a friends’ mom (she had several of these shape boards for her grandkids that have since been outgrown). I think kids toys these days need to get back to the basic style of these toys. No more Baby Einstein lights & sirens – more simple shapes, colors, and materials. Just my humble opinion (and, yes, I know I sound like a Grandma. “Bah, humbug – just look at the kids’ toys these days!” lol)


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Check out the awesome pool toys!! Our identical-twin friends graciously invited us over for Memorial Day! The babies looooved floating around and swimming in the blow up toys. They also enjoyed visiting with their twinnie “boyfriends” for a bit. This was only the girls’ second time swimming, but both times have been such incredible successes that I may or may not have impulsively bought a bunch of water-related toys. They’ll surely be making their blog debut soon (after the girls 1st birthday in 2 weeks – yikes!!!!)

Playing with Rocky

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In this picture Bailey is tugging on Rocky’s tailDSCN1935

Rocky responds by turning around and licking her in the face – to her sheer delight!

I mentioned awhile back how Rocky had realized the girls’ are useful to him (because of all the food they “share.” aka: drop-on-the-floor). Since then he’s liked the girls a lot more. But only since they’ve started being more mobile have they really expressed much interest in him. Sometimes they’d laugh at him if he shook his coat or did something they found fully, but aside from that they never really cared about him. But now they are always actively seeking him out – crawling toward him wherever he is laying and trying to “pet” (read:  tug/rip) his hair. I very carefully monitor them whenever they’re around Rocky (they’re never left sitting alone on the floor if he’s right next to them, for example), just because he’s so big. I don’t think there’s any danger of him ever hurting one of the girls, but he could certainly accidentally step on one of them or knock one of them over by whacking them with his huge tail while wagging it. He doesn’t fully understand how big he is compared to them.

Tucson Children’s Museum

DSCN1965DSCN1943 DSCN1941DSCN1956
DSCN1959DSCN1964We finally made it to the Children’s Museum and the girls had an absolute blast!! It was great to see how baby-friendly it was! We met some friends up there that have a daughter about to turn 2. It was fun to watch the girls all play together and I was really pleased with how educational the whole place was. We also found out that they’re doing discounted admission on Sundays all summer-long so I’m sure we’ll be back!


These girls are just so much fun! I’ve been loving our summer, so far, and am excited to continue to take them to have fun outings and little play dates with friends! In a week and a half we’re going to Utah for a long weekend where the girls will be meeting my Dad’s side of the family – many for the first time (they’ve only met my Dad and Uncle so far, but they’ll get to meet their great grandma and many of my cousins and other Aunts/Uncles). We’re excited because my sister is also flying out from Austin to visit at the same time so we’ll get to see her, too, and we’ll be able to have a family birthday party with my Dad and sister. The girls are very lucky because they’ll get 2 birthday parties – 1 in Utah and 1 back here in Arizona (because we’re going to Skype with my Mom when we’re back in Arizona, and we don’t want to take our birthday presents up to Utah since they’re bulky and we don’t want to use up the car space). Lots of sugar to come (and hopefully adorable pictures)! : )