We’ve really been hitting milestone after milestone lately and I can’t help but feel like my little babies are growing up before my eyes! The feel much more toddler-like than baby-like, though they still have some growing to do. I think their attachment processes are really forming right now. They do this thing all the time where they’ll be playing independently then turn to me for a second to make sure I’m still there – lunge into my arms for a quick hug – then just as fast, they push away and go back to their independent play. It’s almost like they want to do their own thing, but they still want me to be sitting right there nearby. And I don’t mind at all. I love playing with the babies (when they let me) or facilitating their independent play by offering new toys and introducing them to new experiences. They’re learning so rapidly and its really fun to watch! For example, the other day Bailey came home from daycare being able to purse her lips and blow raspberries. She does it all the time now. I’ll do it to her, she’ll do it right back, and we make a game of it!


So what’s new?

*Side Note:  A lot of these skills Bailey has mastered while Brooke is still just starting to attempt them and is still struggling a little. It’s funny because some skills Brooke is much better at (e.g., self-feeding, babbling), and some skills Bailey is much better at (e.g., see below). I don’t think its fair to say that Brooke is a little “behind” Bailey because it all depends on what skills we’re talking about. It just so happens that most of the new skills this month happen to favor Bailey. But Brooke will get there, too!

  • Well, we officially have little crawlers on our hands! They still seem to prefer (and are faster at) an army-crawl style over the traditional hands-and-knees style, but they’re capable of doing both. They’re on the move all the time!
  • Bailey has also been pulling herself up pretty efficiently. Brooke can do it too, but is not quite as adept at it as Bailey at this point.
  • Also, both girls have gone from lying on their back to being able to sit upright on their own.
  • Bailey has also managed to stand on her own for short periods of time (15 seconds or less). She can pull herself up on something (toy or furniture), and then she removes her hands from the object to stand completely on her own! Her balance isn’t great and she ends up having to cling back onto something to help steady her but – I’m telling you – she is going to be walking before we know it!!!

It’s so funny because you read the websites and they say that sitting up (from a laying position) should occur around 8 months old, so it seems like the girls are a little late (although its still in accord with their “adjusted age”), but standing alone doesn’t typically occur until 11-12 months, so the girls would be right on time, even based on their “actual” age. It’s weird how skills have been developing asymmetrically like this.


Likes and Dislikes

  • The girls must take after me because they’re definitely little water-babies!!! They love any and all forms of water – from dumping the water from their sippy cups onto their highchair trays to play with, to splashing in the bath, the water table, and the pool – they love it all! I can’t wait until they’re old enough to take legit swim lessons!
  • The girls have also discovered how much they love to chew on books in addition to reading them (much to my dismay – many of our books now have soggy corners)
  • Now that the girls have gained some mobility (from crawling – not walking yet!!!), there’s no going back! They LOVE LOVE LOVE being able to get around on their own and there’s no holding them back. This also causes Momma much stress. The other day I was at the grocery store while Dad watched the girls at home. When I came home Brooke was in a new outfit and I thought we may have had a diaper explosion. Turns out, Dad had taken Bailey to change her diaper – only leaving Brooke for less than 60 seconds. When he’d returned, he found her rolling around in a giant puddle of Dr. Pepper (he’d had a soda sitting on the floor by where they were playing). They cannot be trusted to be left alone for even a minute – even in a safe location – they always find something to get into!!!
  • Both babies now hate having their faces wiped and having diaper changes. I’ve become like a Nascar pit crew member with diaper changes – fast and efficient!
  • Both girls have also had a hard time learning to share. They’ve started the whole I-want-what-she-has thing. No matter what Girl #2 has, Girl #1 wants it (and vice versa). Its prompted many screaming fits and is not very fun for momma. One thing that they’ve been doing, which I find hysterical, is stealing the pacifier straight from sister’s mouth….at the same time! Like, they’ll be sitting there looking at each other, each sucking on a pacifier. Then they’ll reach out simultaneously and steal the pacifier from sister and pop it straight into their own mouth. So its really more of a pacifier swap than anything else. Some people might try to minimize this type of interaction (since it reinforces stealing and there’s the whole germ-swap thing), but I find its not worth the fight as they are both happy in the end and its very entertaining to watch occur.


Baby Stats – 11 months old (9 months adjusted age)

DSCN1806 DSCN1810

  • Weight:  (approximate weight from our at-home scale):  Bailey = 17 lbs., Brooke = 16 lbs.
  • Clothing Size:  12 month (but they must have tiny feet because their shoes are for a 6 month old!)
  • Diaper Size: still in size 3 (probably for awhile, according to weight)
  • Sleep:  Getting better *knock on wood* They’ve gone back to mostly sleeping through the night (approx. 9 hours), and are sleeping about 3 hours during the day (still split into 2 naps)
  • Food: Soooo excited to almost be done with formula!!! 1 more month!! Woohoo!!! They’re still eating 4 bottles per day (approx 8 oz) and 3 table-meals per day. We’ve just introduced whole milk (just tiny tastes – not as meal replacements) and they seem to really like it. I was worried the transition would be difficult because they’re pretty picky about the temperature of their bottles, but they didn’t mind the cold milk – thank goodness! We’ll be sticking with formula for now, but in a couple weeks I’ll start introducing whole milk a little more frequently so they can get used to it before we 100% change to milk (and get rid of formula). I don’t want it to be a sudden change – I prefer more of a gradual transition over the course of a week or so.

So that’s it to report for now – lots of developmental milestones being reached and lots of fun playing with little baby-turning-into-toddlers. I can’t wait for the summer ahead and all the fun it holds in store for us!