Oh wow!

The girls will be 11 months old this week!

I can’t believe how time has flown and I can’t believe I’ve only written one post since their 10 month update! Yikes!

I guess things have been pretty busy!

And even though I’m thisclose to being done with school doesn’t mean we’ll have a lazy summer, I plan to pack it full of many fun outings, activities, and even a short trip thrown into the mix!

I have to say – I’m a bit of a slave to the girls’ schedule and I’m not afraid to admit it! We’ve gotten into a routine that works for us and I’ve found that when we interfere with it, its often not worth the hassle (e.g., cranky babies, missed refused naps, tantrums, etc.). Sometimes its unavoidable but If I can help it, I try to stick to the schedule when possible. Its easier for me and the babies are happier – win/win!

Right now they’re still (mostly) taking 2 naps a day (morning and afternoon), but I know that many babies drop a nap around 1 year of age and we’re creeping closer and closer to that milestone. Either way, I’ve found that what tends to work best for us is to have one “big” activity/outing per day (and “big” is all relative, of course). This could include a trip to the mall, museum or zoo. Or it could even be something at the house – playing outside while I “garden” (I use this word loosely, lol), or doing an art project like we did for Mother’s Day. These are activities that are fun, but take a lot of energy. It doesn’t include normal daily stuff (e.g., reading, playing with blocks, etc.). I’m so glad we’re finally in a comfortable routine that allows us to do things like this while still maintaining our sense of normalcy at the house.

So I’ve made a little list of fun things to do around Tucson that are baby-friendly. I can’t wait to try them all!

  • Tucson Children’s Museum
  • Zoo at Reid Park
  • Botanical Garden
  • Visiting playgrounds/going on swings & down slides
  • Rose Garden at Reid Park
  • Picking out books at Bookmans
  • Story time at Mildred and Dildred
  • Enjoy live music at outdoor venues
  • Hit up the various splash pads around town
  • Play with the water table outside
  • Walks at the mall
  • BBQs!
  • 1-year-old photographs

Some of these things we’ve already done, but I’m making it my personal mission to try all of these things at least once (more often if they’re successful/fun)! I feel like last summer I didn’t really have a summer because I was huge/pregnant and couldn’t stand the heat and was so exhausted that I took lots of naps and just generally lazed about (until the girls were born, of course). But the babies are growing into little toddlers – they’ll be walking before I know it! – and its so much fun to get to share all of the seasons with them and enjoy all the fun summer offerings that are in store!

Note:  Sorry about the picture-less post. My phone’s camera has been acting up and its much more time-consuming/bulky to upload photos from the “real” camera, but I promise to do so soon! Especially since there’s and 11-month update post coming just-around-the-corner!!!