Where does the time go?! Just yesterday it felt like we were bringing you home from the NICU, and now your first birthday(birthdays?) is just around the corner!

It’s been a blur!

This month has presented more sleeping hardships. Why oh why does the sleeping-thing never get any easier?!? First, I got sick with food poisoning a couple weekends ago. Again. (Remember I had food poisoning back in January, too!). Then, Bailey got some mystery illness that made her have a super-high fever (in the 103* region) and gave us a few completely sleepless nights (side note: we went to the doctor – they couldn’t find anything wrong with her so they thought it was some random virus. The fever subsided after 3 days and Brooke never got sick, thank goodness!) And more often than not Brooke has been waking up for extended periods during the night.

Remember last month how I mentioned that everyone (pediatrician included) was telling us to let the girls cry it out (CIO)? Well….miserable failures to report in that department! There were a couple of nights where I tried (I really did!), but ended up giving up after awhile. Brooke, in particular, will just work herself up into a tizzy! Instead of crying herself to sleep, there have been 2 occasions of where she’s actually cried so hard that she ends up throwing up. Then its a WHOLE big ordeal because we have to change her crib pad, her crib sheet, she’s totally 100% awake, and we’re up for 3 hours. Seriously – someone help me out with some advice or something! I miss sleep!!!! Everything is so much easier when you get sleep and, on the flip-side, so much harder when you don’t get any! Even interrupted sleep is preferable over no sleep!

Whew – just went off on a tangent there!

Aside from the sleep drama, this has been such a fun month with the girls developmentally!

So What’s New?

  • The girls are now crawling backwards! Well, I guess its more of a backwards scoot but they’re definitely covering a lot of ground! I don’t know when they’ll get the hang of going forward but in the meantime its just been a lot of lunging and rolling all around. Bailey, in particular, is like a magnet for choking hazards! I swear the house will look spotless, then I’ll find her clutching a twisty-tie (like the kind that closes a bag of bread) in her little fist. What the heck?! How does she find this stuff?!


  • They’ve been saying “Dada” for months, but they’re finally saying “Mama”, too. I still don’t believe that they’re saying anything with intention (though Chris swears that they’ll say “Dada” specifically to him). I still think its all just baby-babble at this point. I’m working with them on saying “Dog” (pronounced “DOGH”) and would love for that to be their first “official” word (something neutral), but we’ll see. We may just end up writing “Dada” in the baby book to please a certain Daddy. ; )
  • The girls are eating tons of table foods and are getting really great with feeding themselves (see pictures here). They’re kinda weird with their solid foods – very hot & cold. Sometimes they’ll gobble the food up and can’t seem to get enough. Other times they’re totally disinterested and will start to cry when I try to make them eat.

IMAG3920 IMAG3921 IMAG3922 IMAG3925

  • We got a big non-slick bath mat for our tub and now the girls are getting baths together in the “big girl” tub instead of the baby bath! I love it because it saves time (since we can bathe them together), and they have a ball splashing around and playing with all of their toys. We tried to do it without the bath mat and it was a total failure. The slippery tub made it difficult for the girls to sit upright without toppling over. But with the bath mat we haven’t had any problems (of course, they’re fully supervised either way!)
  • We’ve been seeing our first peeks of what the future might hold for the “terrible-twos” and tantrums! Often I’ll put the girls in their high chairs while I’m making dinner, and I’ll give them spoons to bang on their little tables. Heaven help us if one of them drops a dang spoon! Blood-curdling screams that are only abated when I rush over and promptly retrieve said spoon from the floor. Then they’re right back to being sweet little happy babies!

Likes and Dislikes

  • The girls have started disliking diaper changes/clothing changes. This used to be one of their favorite things, but now they’ll often throw a fit the second I try to lay them on the changing table! We’ve become very efficient with diaper changes (like how a pit crew at Nascar changes tires)! Also, I’ve devised a variety of techniques to distract them so they aren’t trying to squirm around and get away from me. Toys are always good. Pacifiers help, too.
  • The girls love going to daycare. I think its all the new toys, friends, and stimulation they receive there that provides a nice little break from the same-old, same-old at home. I’ve noticed that some mornings they’ll be super fussy and as soon as we get to daycare they’re happy little campers! Definitely helps with leaving them there since that used to be particularly tough!
  • I wouldn’t say its a “dislike” per se, but they’re not as “into” their exersaucers as they used to be. They used to love their exersaucers and might literally spend an hour playing and bouncing around in them (in baby-time 1 hour = eternity!) Now they really have to be in the mood to go in the exersaucer and they get bored after about 5-10 minutes.
  • The girls love attention! They’re such astute little observers! I’ve noticed that recently they really pay attention to when one of them is getting more attention (for example – if one of them is sick and is being held more than the other). They’ll get jealous and start to throw little fits (see above – tantrums!)
  • And this is an old one, but the girls still love walks. Recently we visited a big rose garden and a mini “lake”, complete with ducks! This last time we went there was a Momma duck with two little babies! Just like me and my little baby ducklings!



IMAG3972 IMAG3973

Baby Stats:

  • Weight & Length: We don’t have another doctor appointment scheduled until we go for their 12-month shots, so I have no idea on the weight and length right now.
  • Clothing Size: The girls are wearing 9-12 month clothes, depending on the style.
  • Diaper Size: We’re officially fully in Size 3 diapers now. They’re only 10 months and I’m already looking forward to the day when we never have to deal with a diaper again!
  • Sleep: Pretty terrible (see above). Their daytime sleep isn’t a problem (still roughly 3-4 hours of daytime sleep per day split into 2 naps). The nighttime sleep is the problem. They typically go down at about 8 or 8:30 with several nighttime wake-ups (sometimes lately lasting literally 3 hours long), and they’re back up for the day by 6am. After particularly rough nights I’ll put them to sleep at 8/8:30 and I fall into my own bed by 9pm, hoping to get as much sleep as possible before the nightly wake-ups begin (they usually start around midnight or 1am).
  • Food: They’re still eating 4 bottles a day (6-8 oz each time), with 2-3 meals of “solids” per day. I’ve tried to make their schedule more regular so that they’re always eating both lunch and dinner as “solids”, but I try to get them to eat breakfast, too. By 1 year they should be eating 3 meals a day regularly so I’m trying to get us in the habit now.

That’s it for now! Here’s hoping that next month will bring us better sleep and healthy babies (and parents!) ❤


Bailey loves playing with the remote control these days : )IMAG3946