Here’s what we’ve been up to lately – according to my phone!

IMAG3873 IMAG3874 IMAG3875Bailey loves pacifiers! She can have one in her mouth and will steal one straight from Brooke’s mouth just so she has a second one to hold onto. It’s also pretty hilarious to see her as she sometimes tries to put a pacifier in her mouth when she’s already sucking on one. She shoves and shoves until the old one falls out and she pops the new one in. Silly little thing! Good thing Brooke doesn’t mind sharing!


Well that’s a silly way to lay!!!IMAG3880 IMAG3881

That’s better! Sitting up like big girls!IMAG3882 IMAG3883 IMAG3884A back-up shot of the living room. It’s been overrun with baby items, but we keep it pretty contained to one general area at a time.

IMAG3885 IMAG3888

Happy girls! Brooke (above) sitting up! Bailey (below) working on holding her own sippy cup!IMAG3893 IMAG3891 IMAG3890

Sleepy babies are the most precious babies!IMAG3898IMAG3900 IMAG3901

And big girls sit upright in strollers without needing car seats! Here we are waiting at the doctor for Bailey’s head check (for her helmet – these visits occur at least once every 3 weeks, generally sooner depending on how her head is doing).


Big girls also sit upright in the grocery cart! Yay! First time doing this!

The thing I LOVE about Costco is that their baskets are so big they have spots for TWO babies! Woohoo! Now I can go shopping on my own without it being a huge ordeal of a thing! Just park next to the cart return area, grab one of the carts, put the girls in straight from the car, and go! Yay!! The logistics of having twins is becoming so much easier the bigger they get! (although…I’ll probably change my mind when they’re walking!)


These little girls sure do love each other! Its so fun playing with them the bigger they get, too! I’ve been making little play areas – spreading out a blanket, surrounding it with pillows, plopping a handful of toys in the middle, and just letting them play with whatever they want. Brooke is much better with sharing than Bailey so as long as Bailey gets whatever she wants they’re both happy campers. Lord help us all the day Brooke decides that she doesn’t want to share anymore, lol.IMAG3907 IMAG3908

(Sorry for the blurry photos – remember all these photos are from my phone and its not great at capturing those moving moments….babies never stop!)
IMAG3909 IMAG3910 IMAG3911IMAG3915They love chewing on their spoons. Often times while I’m getting their food ready I’ll just let them play with their spoons to keep them occupied. Sometimes this involves them banging on their high chairs, but usually it involves them munching down on the hard plastic. Mmmmm : )

And that’s it for now. The last picture was dated from April 14th, so we’re still a week behind “real time” but that’s pretty good for me right now (a lot better than an entire month behind!) Baby skills develop so rapidly, so it’s funny now looking at these photos and seeing the babies surrounded by pillows, for example, to cushion them for when they topple over. Now they’re sitting like champs and haven’t fallen over for over a week. But I love being able to document where they were/how they were doing throughout the various stages of life. I’ll try to be more “on top of it” with the pictures. I’m imagining things will be MUCH easier once this dissertation is off my plate. And for those keeping track – that should be very, very soon! *fingers crossed* Come on, May! I cannot wait!!!