You can always tell that the end of the semester is near when things really start to get out-of-control! Another tell-tale sign?  No blog posts. Yup. I’ve been spending lots of time with the girls and sneaking in dissertation work in every spare second so there hasn’t been much time for anything else. But I want to document what’s been going on, because its been a lot more than just school work! Check it out – these photos date back to a month ago – late March:

Self-Feeding: Solids!


Their favorite breakfast is pancakes (just like their Momma). They get theirs served plain (no syrup), ripped into tiny shreds. They’ve tried many flavor varieties, too (blueberry, banana, etc.)

IMAG3770And Rocky has finally discovered that he can scavage off the dropped pieces of food. Makes my life easier (less clean-up) and makes him a happy camper. He’s finally starting to come around the girls a bit more frequently (he still mostly keeps his distance, but I think they’re finally starting to grow on him now that they have  “purpose” in his eyes…aka – giving him food) : )

First Street Fair:  4th Ave


In Tucson they have a big street fair called “4th Ave Street Fair” twice a year – in Spring and Fall. I’ve been to almost every single one of them since we’ve lived in Tucson (with the exception of this past Fall after the babies were born….too much chaos!) It was SO fun to bring the girls with us this time. And it was really surreal, too. The last time that we came (last Spring), we had recently learned that we were expecting twins! It was so crazy to bring the girls here now that they’re on the outside of my belly and walk around with them.


The fair reminds me a lot of Austin, too. Check out some of the crazy tent offerings – artwork of animals…


and tie-dye everything/anything…


and of course some fair food! Last year when I was preggers I had a crazy craving for funnel cake while we were there. This year, Chris and I split what was probably the best caramel apple of my life (an “apple pie” caramel apple with cinnamon, white chocolate chips, graham cracker crushings, and more deliciousness than I can even remember)

Sorry babies….none for you!


When we got back to Texas for my sister’s wedding, things were a blur! I was still forced to spend some time working on my dissertation (boo!) but also had wedding-responsibilities to attend to. Plus normal mom responsibilities that don’t end simply because you leave town. But we had a lot of fun, too!

My Mom and I took the girls to the park for their first time ever to go in a swing!


Neither of them were unhappy, per se, but neither seemed to overjoyed either. Here’s Brooke’s “I’m-not-impressed” face:


Got a smile out of Bailey!!IMAG3785IMAG3788

And because life happens, guess what occurred approximately 90 seconds after we got there? Bailey had the most epic blow-out of her life. I’m talking poop everywhere! Of course this happens the one time of my life that I don’t have a spare outfit for her in the diaper bag. So we gave her a mini-bath with baby-wipes, put her in a fresh diaper….and she rode home nekkid. : ) Yup. Back in the car we go! So much for our afternoon at the park! Here she is covered with a burp cloth so she won’t be cold on the ride home, lol.

IMAG3793And, of course, there were wedding festivities, to attend to!

Eeeek – my little sister was getting married!!!!

On the way to the rehearsal:

IMAG3797 IMAG3799


I don’t have pictures from the wedding, itself, because I was the MOH so I was running around like a crazy-person all night long and didn’t have my camera on me. If you’re friends with Britt – check her fb page.

We only stayed in Austin through the rest of the weekend after the wedding, but we did get to play a little more with the babies…

We went to breakfast with my Dad, his friend, and my uncle. It was the girls’ first time to sit in high chairs at a restaurant (we don’t eat out often and when we have, we’ve usually just left the girls in their carseats and sit next to them in big booths)


Bailey was having a blast dancing and “talking.” My Dad also bought the girls a couple of toys, but Brooke had just as much fun eating the paper packaging as she did playing with the toy, itself.

IMAG3845Back at my Mom’s house, Bailey discovered she can stare at herself in the mirror for hours (not really hours but a good 5 minutes, which = hours for a baby!)


and Brooke was content just playing with her pacifier and her own toes…


IMAG3853IMAG3856Before we knew it, it was time to hit the road back to Tucson. The girls decided they would drive to give me and Dad a break

IMAG3869Ha! I wish!!

We’ve done a lot in the 3 weeks that we’ve been home since then, too. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I think that’s plenty of pictures for now. See you again soon!