(NO – I’m NOT PREGNANT….don’t even *THINK* that!!!!)

Our family car-history has been a bit weird.

Chris and I had always.always.always each had our own cars. Always.

Then, about a month before we moved to Tucson (when we still lived in Florida), Chris got into an accident that totaled his car. We didn’t have gap insurance and our regular insurance didn’t cover the whole loan amount, so we were left with a car payment (for a car we no longer had!) for about 6 months. So we decided to be a 1-car family.

Then we moved to Tucson!

And, as it turned out, we could get away with 1 car quite nicely! Tucson is the smallest city we’ve ever lived in and we were close to campus (close enough to bike-ride or hop on the city bus for a short 10 minute drive down to campus). So even after we finished paying off the loan on the car we no longer had, we decided to stick with just 1 vehicle.

It worked well that way for the next 2.5 years!

When I was pregnant, we decided we needed a second vehicle. Chris always took our Ford Explorer (2002 edition!) for work and I felt like I needed a vehicle at home with me and the girls. Plus, Chris really needed a designated work truck. So just like that – we decided the Explorer would now be “my” car, and we got Chris a work truck all his own.

The Explorer worked great for our family! It was large enough to hold our new family of four (or 5 if you count Rocky) and has made several cross-country trips back and forth to Texas (remember?)


December 2012 – Driving to Texas with Rocky in the front, girls in the back, and me in the middle!

Well, all that use as a work vehicle (prior to getting our 2nd car) plus cross-country driving was starting to take its toll.

The Explorer had 150,000 miles on it. And although it was still mechanically reliable (never left us stranded!), there were plenty of other problems. It seems like we were always fixing something:  new tires, new brakes, new struts, fixing the heater, fixing the a/c, etc etc etc.

I think I only mentioned briefly, but remember last summer when the girls came home from the NICU? We had to rent a car because the A/C in our Explorer was out and it was 115* outside. It ended up being a very costly fix. Then the heater went out over the winter. Another costly fix. And just last week…the A/C went out…again!

We’d had enough. With an upcoming trip to Texas planned (to see my little sister get married!!!) we HAD to have A/C. In fact…we just needed a new car altogether!

So we looked

and looked

and looked.

We spent an entire weekend doing internet research. Then on Monday we spent 12+ hours going from dealership to dealership, doing several test drives, etc., before we settled on “the one.”

And guess what…..

It’s another Ford Explorer!


It’s a 2011 Ford Explorer, the top of the line model. We’ve got leather, 1 sunroof (up front) & 1 moonroof (in the back), a backup camera, Satellite radio (which will be AWESOME for the 14 hour drive to Texas because usually we have a good solid 7+ hours with no radio and get bored listening to the same CDs over and over and over again), and all kinds of other features I don’t even know!

DSCN1778The babies have loved being able to look up and see the sky and although its not noticeable while driving, the new Explorer is a bit bigger (both wider and longer) than our old one, so it will be incredible for long road trips. More room for suitcases, my butt (between the girls’ car seats!) and our legs! Very exciting!!!

Of course, I’m NOT excited about having a car payment again. Ever since we payed off that totaled car 3+ years ago, we haven’t had a car payment and it has been glorious! It’s going to suck when that starts again, but its a worthy trade-off. I’m VERY excited to have what I consider to be a “real adult” car for our little family. Now we just need me to get a “real adult” job (after I graduate) and we can buy a “real adult” house (preferably back in Austin) and then we’ll be set! ; )

So Welcome – to the Newest Member of Our Family!!!! She better be around for a loooooong time! : )