Picture posts seem to be everyones’ favorites. So here’s the girls’ lives according to my iPhone….


Brooke wearing the adorable shirt from her Uncle Bruce! Can’t imagine how difficult it is to find “I love my Uncle” shirts! Need to get a picture with both girls wearing them at the same time!

Big babies don’t sit in carseats in the stroller – they can sit upright all on their own!!! Strolling through Reid Park around the (little, man-made) lake and looking at the ducks! It’s been such gorgeous weather here lately I just don’t want to waste it – I know it will be sweltering before we know it!


Two days in a row going to the park! A little boy commented to his Mom that the girls’ socks were “weird.” I think they’re adorable – they look like little ballet slippers! : )


Brooke for the win!!!! Lol, she fell asleep this way!


Both babies have started doing this thing where they roll over to sleep on their tummies. This morning Brooke was already awake out in the other room. I thought Bailey was still asleep because she hadn’t made a peep and I went in to wake her because it was time to eat. This is what I found! She’d not only been awake doing tummy-time on her own….she’d also managed to find her pacifier in bed and pop it into her mouth as well. Silly baby!


Brooke’s “Yaaaaaay – it’s MOOOORNING!” face!


My happy girls! Check out how Bailey has a big chunk of my hair….yup, she ended up ripping that out to keep for herself! : )IMAG3688 IMAG3690 IMAG3691

Still in this grabby phase! They grab me, each other, random objects – anything they can get their hands on!! I love how they’re exploring their surroundings!


Look, look! We’ve got a sitter!!! Bailey is now at 100% and I’m working hard so Brooke can join her! Right now Brooke is sitting for short periods of time unsupported, but she can’t be left in a seated position because she’ll fall over and face-plant.


Always grabbing!!!IMAG3703

I turned my back for 1 second and found Brooke had absconded with the dinner bowl and was trying to lick it clean. My first reaction was to say “NO!!!” but, she was so adorable and I was so proud of her manual dexterity that I couldn’t take the bowl away.

IMAG3706After she was done with the bowl, she moved on to licking her spoon clean. This was the first time I’ve seen her actually be able to put the spoon correctly into her mouth (usually they’ll just chomp on the handle, or wherever they happen to grab). So proud of my big girls, and yet a little sad that they’re growing up so quickly! But, I’m definitely excited for when they can hold their own bottles!!! That will be awesome!!!

That’s it – those are some of our March happenings! It’s been a busy and fun month. I love March because the weather is incredible and there’s always so much to do. I’ve definitely found that it helps to pack activities into our day. It helps the girls keep from being bored with the same games we always play at home, and I love watching them see new things and take in their environment. I have lots of plans for over summer when its sweltering hot outside. The Tucson Children’s museum is supposed to be pretty cool, and we’ve got various other offerings around town. I feel so lucky to be able to watch them grow and learn and develop! Love these munchkins!